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#1 Best–selling Author in Customer Relations AND Master of the Art of Motion, Humor, Power and Presence

Brian's Bio

Brian is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a Consulting Firm called Ambassadors International. The company specializes in working with Corporations, Advisors, Entrepreneurs and Intellectual Property Holders to create what Brian calls “Relationship Momentum TM.” The Business Ambassador firm has a client list that ranges from small Entrepreneurial organizations to Global Non Profits and Fortune 500 Companies. Brian is a published author and accomplished speaker who is dedicated to training people in the US and abroad in the art and science of creating Relationship Momentum TM. He has over 15 years of experience on the platform and has had the pleasure of speaking both to small groups and auditoriums of thousands around the world. Brian has mastered the art of Motion, Humor, Power and Presence to become a dynamic yet thought provoking speaker that will leave you wanting more.

Speaking Topics

>Relationship Momentum

The Secret to Making Your Ideas and Initiatives MOVE! Brian presents a unique and fascinating connection between the laws of motion and physics with the art and science of business relationships. Join Brian on an Entrepreneur’s exploration of the convergence of Relationships, Networking, Science and Success!

The Experience

The Experience is the foundation of Relationship Momentum. The Success of every relationship, company or idea begins with the Experience that you are committed to causing for others. Join Brian as he explores the art of leaving a lasting impression while building a value proposition that will create a crowd of Ambassadors for your initiative.


Relationship Momentum for Advisors  (The secret to making Relationships, Ideas and your Practice MOVE!)

Inflection Points

Join Brian as he dissects the points of Inflection that create or destroy Momentum within the Relationship Building process. Brian uses his many years in sales, marketing and recruiting to conduct a concert of tactics that can help you create and manage Relationship Momentum as you drive to an “event”.

How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience
The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence
I.C.A.R.E. Customer Experience model
Build Relationship Momentum
Train the trainers


Here are just a few of Brian's videos.

Press Kit Video
Visit to Africa
Relationship Momentum Book
Experience International

Books and Publications

Relationship Momentum

This book is about the search to understand the art and science of why some ideas progress and some dissipate. Why some people advance in their careers with sustained movement while others seem to be swimming upstream. Why some deals reach the event and some fade off into the distance. The search was to find a cause and effect answer that would provide us with the ever fleeting, secret of success. What I stumbled upon was a formula, an equation rather, that clearly provided a path for ideas and ideals to move. I have discovered that the answer has little to do with natural ability but is more encompassed by a few key components executed with diligence and a measure of urgency. I want the reader to understand that achieving their personal and professional objectives is not based solely on personality types, the business environment, or even unique giftings. On the contrary, the eventual success or failure of their initiatives will hinge primarily upon their ability to create and manage this one concept. My findings? The secret to making your ideas move and the key element behind all product, project or purpose growth is what I call Relationship Momentum.


"Brian was a FANTASTIC addition to our Gala! His positive and uplifting message was both informative and thought provoking. Brian was able to connect to the audience and many members thanked me for having him speak. We would bring him back to speak at EVERY event we have if it were possible!"
JR Eastman, Chairman of the Board for the Homebuilders Association

 "Brian’s presentation to our group of financial advisors was dynamic and impactful!  He sure delivered the message and energy the team needed.  His passion for relationship building and maximization was infectious.  He used poignant stories to bring to life his concepts and strategies. I highly recommend both his writing and speaking as a critical tool for anyone who needs to foster relationships and momentum (which is everybody!)."
Matthew Bond, President, SGC Financial 
San Mateo, California

 "Brian's prepared comments and issues raised were relevant and the audience was receptive to the message.
On behalf of the host BlackRock and On Course Advisors we greatly appreciated Brian's participation and are looking forward to continuing the relationship with The CRM Forum."
Anthony Busaaca, On Course Advisors
Chairman, CRM Forum

"Brian delivered a mesmerizing speech that was thought provoking and full of great relevant stories that captivated the audiences attention. His book Relationship Momentum does a great job simplifying how ideas stall or move forward and it was a pleasure to hear him speak on the topic.  I will definitely be booking Brian for future events."  
Joe F. Brannon III Co-Founder & CEO, textLIVING  

"As a professional speaker myself, I'm very protective to whom I release our microphone. And I can assure you Brian will not disappoint. He exceeded my expectations. One attendee said "Brian made sense of where I am and what I've been called to do."
Pat Baldridge, President, Charlotte Christian Chamber

“We hired Brian to speak to our employees. I can honestly say that Brian was a Catalyst for not only inspiring a new found level of effort but for helping us create a sustainable level of movement that can only be found through internal and external Relationship Momentum!”
Matthew Baird, CEO, Baird Petroleum

"Brian's relationship training was so incredible for our marketers. Brian truly understands how momentum is created in and for business."
Coach Arlyne Thompson

“The idea of Relationship Momentum is incredibly powerful; so much so, that after having Brian speak, our guests were lined up to speak with him. Brian’s message left our attendees with a new level of energy and focus. Thank you, Brian!"
Rob Wolfe, Managing Director at United Capital

“In a relationship driven, highly competitive business such as financial services, being on the cutting edge of business development, marketing, and relationship building opportunities is paramount.  Brian has provided my firm great insight on how to gain momentum in developing the type of relationships needed to create distance between my firm and my competitors. Brian’s experience in developing and growing businesses is apparent during his comprehensive presentation on relationship momentum. I highly recommend you give Brian the platform to introduce his cutting edge strategies on building a successful business for the future."   
Greg Brenner, Managing Director, Shoemaker Financial

Booking Info

Booking Brian Church for your event is easy. Here is the information you need to know:

Booking Fees

Speaking Fee Range
* $5,000 to $10,000 (U.S. only)


* Travel from Nashville, Tennessee


To check on Brian Church's availability for your event, please call Jaki Baskow at 702.547.5101 or send an email to info@lasvegasspeakersbureau.

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