Dan Lier

When looking for a high-content, high-energy and entertaining speaker focused on increasing productivity in sales and leadership, Dan Lier will customize your keynote or training to best impact your team.

Dan's Bio

He is a best-selling author and internationally recognized motivational speaker with the experience of presenting over 3,500 customized talks to companies around the globe.

With two decades of experience presenting motivational keynotes for corporate events, Dan is the most requested speaker in Las Vegas. Over past two years alone, Dan has spoken in over 30 countries sharing his proven strategies to “Maximize Your True Potential.”

He is host of his own TV show “Your True Potential” and was a regular on HSN as America’s Coach where he shares his “Strategies for Success” with millions. Dan’s work has been covered by The Today Show and Inside Edition, along with being a guest on the Howard Stern show and The O’Reilly Factor. A former international speaker and top performer for Tony Robbins’ - Dan’s high impact message and charismatic delivery style will connect with your audience, and provide them with inspiration along with proven strategies for achievement.

In Dan’s early career, he earned the ranks of the #1 sales performer in the country, and won back-to-back national titles as a college basketball player. He knows what it takes to win.

Speaking Topics

Sales Mastery

  • The Psychology of a top performing sales professional
  • Relationships – how to better connect with people and build rapport.  People buy from people they like and trust.
  • Building Value & Creating Conviction
  • Closing – Specific closing questions that will lead you to the sale
  • Overcoming Objections – Including multiple alignment strategies and language patterns
  • Referral Strategy – How to get referrals every time!

Leadership Development

  • The Psychology of a Leader – The first step to success
  • Communication – How to lead.  Are you a leader by influence or a leader by position?
  • Understanding Personality Styles – Increase your influence by understanding who is working for you.
  • Coaching – How to get the most from your team.

Presentation Training

  • 5 – Steps to a Perfect Presenation
  • How to connect and have impact with any audience every time.
  • one-on-one persuasion or groups

Employee Development

  • Developing Success Mindset
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Maintaining a Winning Attitude
  • Consistency
  • Achieving Goals

Executive Coaching Program

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Achieving Goals
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Developing the Success Mindset

Maximizing Your True Potential

This high-energy, high-content talk is tops on the most requested list. Dan shares specific strategies to increase performance in both business and life.  From developing the psychology of a winner, to specific strategies on how to stay positive and take consistent action, Dan will leave your group with the confidence and tools to create positive results, exceed quotas, and have their best year ever.
1. The Psychology of a top performer

  • The Success Mindset
  • What YOU believe impacts your performance and results.
  • You’ll never out-earn or out-sell your own beliefs.
  • Achieving the momentum of the #1 Performer right NOW.

2. The Power of a Winning Attitude

  • 40% of your Attitude is a Learned Skill – It’s Your Choice.
  • How your attitude affects your results.
  • How your attitude attracts or repels customers, clients and opportunities.
  • How to Maintain a Winning Attitude!

3. The Formula for Success

  • Why most people fail to hit their targets
  • Consistent action is the key
  • How to set yourself up to win
  • Getting it Done Everyday!

Creating Extraordinary Results in Challenging Times

It’s easy to walk tall and create results when things are going well.  What happens when things aren’t going so well… personally or professionally?  With over 18 years working with top performers, Dan shares proven strategies to create results during challenging times and turn around stagnant results into positive momentum and excitement

A Winning Attitude is Contagious – “Catch it”

A dynamic, entertaining and educational session sharing the impact of positive attitudes on results; both in business and in life.  Your team will learn:

  • How to maintain a winning attitude through challenging times
  • How to turn your attitude around NOW and keep it that way
  • How your attitude impacts others and your results in life
  • How to influence yourself into a positive attitude

3 “Musts” for Leadership Greatness

Research indicates that companies grow to the level of their leadership.  Learn 3 Leadership Strategies practiced from the most recognized leaders in the world that your team can implement immediately to increase influence and improve productivity.
1. Communication

  • Understanding and adopting to the personality styles in your company
  • Are you Motivating or De-motivating? Learning motivating language patterns.
  • How to Adapt Your Communication Style to get the most from your team

2. Psychology

  • The Psychology and Beliefs of a great leader
  • How to implement the small change that makes the big difference

3. Attitude

  • It all starts from the top – YOU
  • How to maintain a positive attitude
  • How do develop a positive culture

3 Keys to Success in Business and in Life

America’s Coach Dan Lier shares his 3 keys to creating Success in Business and in Life.  His dynamic, charismatic and content-rich presentation will provide your team with 3 Keys that they can use IMMEDIATELY to create positive results!

Turning Change into Progress

We’ve all heard the cliche’ that change is inevitable, growth is optional, yet not everyone has the skills to turn change into progress.

  • 3 Keys to Turn Change into Progress
  • Get Excited about Change
  • Change Your Perspective, Change Your Results
  • The Questions for Success

Mastering the Art of Selling

Selling is creating value and transferring emotion… and you cannot give what you don’t have.  Learn the psychology of top sales performers along with proven strategies.  From overcoming objections to closing the sale, Dan shares proven strategies to increase sales company wide.


Here are just a few of Dan's videos.

Dan Lier Speaker Q & A
2014 Promo Reel
4 Disciplines of Execution
Overcoming Negative People

Books and Publications

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs

Lack of public speaking or presentation skills can hold back career advancement and achievement in any field, and this book will give you the foundation to build your skill-set and build your confidence. Dan’s “secrets to a perfect presentation” was built on his experience as a paid corporate speaker performing over 3,500 customized corporate talks in over 30 countries.

He will share with you:

  • What you must know before giving your talk
  • The psychology of a top speaker
  • How to connect with your audience
  • How to structure your talk
  • 3 keys to an effective message
  • How to close your talk and inspire your audience
  • The five steps to a perfect presentation

Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is based on the premise of those of us who are not celebrities or public figures must know how to structure and deliver a message that is both interesting and impactful. Celebrities, athletes and TV personalities don’t have to be good speakers – people just want to hear them speak. If you are not a celebrity, athlete or TV personality, you must know how to connect with your audience and deliver a solid message EVERYTIME! Dan Lier is an expert in human behavior and his proven skills will assist you deliver a quality message that your audience will connect with and retain. Being a solid public speaker or presenter is a learned skill, and this book will teach you how to improve your skills and be a great public speaker and communicator. Whether you are an executive or a parent, the skills in this book can be used for presentations, selling and communicating with a large or small

The 10 Minute Coach – Daily Strategies for Life Success

International speaker, success coach, TV show host Dan Lier provides you with twenty-seven proven strategies to improve your life. These strategies are practiced by successful people in business and in life. Lier will assist you in building momentum and getting you closer to your goal.

Learn How to:

  • Create Winning Attitude
  • Overcome Adversity
  • Take Consistent Action
  • Change Failure to Success
  • Boost Your Career
  • Use Communication for Relationship Success
  • Raise Kids with High Self-Esteem

Over the past decade, Dan Lier has affected hundreds of thousands of people at his speaking events and has inspired his coaching clients.
In this book, he shares powerful strategies that will influence your life, your career, your relationships, and your family. Lier’s proven advice is broken into bite-sized chunks–perfect for a parent or a professional on the go.


Dan made a tremendous impact on our international sales meeting. His content was solid and his presentation style is entertaining and energizing. Our entire organization is OnFire!
Jackie Rardin, Regional Manager – Oakwood Worldwide

Dan, the feedback from the CFS group was 100% positive! Everyone really enjoyed your content and presentation style. Thank you for helping us to have a highly successful meeting.
Tarah Frawley, Regional Director – Creative Financial Solutions (CFS)

 Dan’s message was perfect for our leadership team. He was engaging, entertaining and impactful.
James McLean, Human Resources Business Partner – Alere

We’ve been doing our “Annual Sales Meeting” for 21 years, and Dan Lier was the best speaker we’ve ever had. He was engaging, entertaining and our team gained valuable Take-Aways to increase productivity.
Gary Irwin, Vice President – Creative Financial Solutions

Dan’s customized message was well received by our national sales and leadership team, and he gave us tools to increase productivity.
Jen Lyons, Marketing Communication Channel Manager – Boise Paper

“Dan Lier was energetic, engaging, and entertaining as the Keynote Speaker at our recent event. Dan provided real life examples and strategies for how to “Maximize Your True Potential” at work and in life. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”
Michael Reynolds, Training Manager – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Dan did a great job customizing his content for our management meeting. The meeting was informative and entertaining and well-received by our entire team.
Jim Bull, Division Vice President – Big O Tires

Dan Lier has the unique ability to teach and entertain. Our attendees are still talking about his presentation. They are ON FIRE!
Joan Burge, President – Office Dynamics

Dan’s message was well-received by our entire company. His strategies to Maximize Your True Potential are applicable for our leadership team and our sales team.
Thane Hathaway, President and CEO – EAC Product Development Solutions

Dan, you did an awesome job at our meeting!! My team thought you were the best presenter we’ve ever had and I agree with them.
Roberto Arce, Vice President of Sales – CareMore Health Plan – Anthem, Inc

If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, Dan Lier is a great choice. His preparation and demeanor were professional, and his presentation was tremendous!
Linda Shaub, Senior Vice President, Marketing – Interim Healthcare

Booking Info

Booking Dan Lier for your event is easy. Here is the information you need to know:

Booking Fees

Speaking Fee Range
* $12,500 to $15,000 (U.S. only)
* Las Vegas - Special rate of $10,000!


* Travel from McCarren Airport, Las Vegas


To check on Dan Lier's availability for your event, please call Jaki Baskow at 702.547.5101 or send an email to info@lasvegasspeakersbureau.

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