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25+ Successful and productive years of training experience as a leading corporate empowerment trainer for personal and professional teams

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25+ Successful and productive years of training experience as a leading corporate empowerment trainer for personal and professional teams, Loren Slocum Lahav knows the best to boost, inspire and empower the team. As a lead corporate and volunteer teams around the world for the past 2 decades, Loren not only knows how to inspire your team but also hot to empower them to step up to achieve their dreams.

Loren digs deep into helping people discover their gifts and how they are an important part to the team. Through her intervention skills training, mock trainings and hands on exercises she will help make those shuttle shifts most need. Loren teaches the 2 millimeter shifts that take a team from being “good” to “extraordinary”. “It’s not about waking people on the team up, it’s about keeping them awake”.

She will help your team create a vision that they know they matter on the team and help them with critical issues as state management and conflict resolution. Loren Slocum has been the international crew director and crew trainer for The Anthony Robbins Companies for the past 25 years. She has trained teams around the world. Loren was personal chosen by Anthony Robbins As the lead facilitator for mastery University’s Life mastery program, facilitating over 175 week long programs. She has lead teams for many other companies (request referrals).

As a Mother, Author, Coach and Speaker she understands the power of team. She is the Author of Life Tuneups, The Greatest Love, Co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Time to Thrive (release may 2015) and featured in the newly released documentary Rise of The Entrepreneur .

Speaking Topics

  • Keynote speaker,
  • Finding balance
  • Discovering yourself,
  • Shifting your inner world and transforming your outer world
  • Creating your ideal day in sales


Here are just a few of Loren's videos.

The Pull Of Passionate Decisions
Juicy Geniuses Interview With Loren

Books and Publications


Loren is the real deal. Her energetic state and feminine energy has really helped me stay focussed. Her ability to see through the story and in some cases the story within the story helped me create a new empowering story over and over again. Her hug you tight and kick you in the butt method is unique and makes her a wonderful friend and mentor allowing me to see the world as it truly is. I fell utterly blesses and grateful that our lives have crossed path and with her guidance I have continued to lose weight, got out of debt and fell in love with my husband all over again. She is a rock star.
Gail Donnelly

You are the one of most amazing people I have ever met. Thank you for giving yourself so freely and connecting in such a personal way. I appreciate your love and understanding with our family, which has helped us to grow. Chanelle and I had a lengthy conversation (up till 4 am ) Sat. night. We were both more honest and open than we had been for a few weeks. You gave us the support we needed to move forward. You have touched our families in a way you may never totally know, I am grateful and give thanks for your presents in our lives.
Cyndi Sladics

A deep and special thanks to you for being in the power of your gift and sharing on such an enormous scale. I bow to your skill and know that we were in the presence of a Master. You were so very right; this program had what I needed. Thank you for taking the time to be with me in that dark night of my soul. Now, I can feel my heart open like never before. It feels pure, light, soft, gentle with a state of clear presence which I am cherishing and nurturing as a newborn.
Susan Chan

Never underestimate whose life you are going to change! Thanks to your inspiration. I returned home empowered by your influence and found myself glowing with unconditional love and courage and passion and focus on contribution. Before this weekend, my dream life was becoming my nightmare but you helped us all break out of our fears and strive to be the change we want to see in the world and it worked!!!!!!
Sarah Grimm

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Speaking Fee Range
* $3,500 to $7,900 (U.S. only)
* Las Vegas - Special rate of $1,500 to $3,500


* Travels from Las Vegas, Nevada


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