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Scott Schilling is a Performance Excellence Expert committed to providing Inspired Answers to Today's Challenges through sales training, coaching and consulting.

Bottom line, Scott helps individuals like you and organizations like yours grow market penetration, improve profitability and grow the quality of your business.

Scott brings over 35 years of life experience in sales, marketing, and training to corporations, business owners, and entrepreneurs. 

He has presented at nearly 2,000 events in the last 8 years sharing the stage with General Colin Powell, Donald Trump, Suze Orman, Steven Forbes, Rudy Giuliani and many more.

It is Scott’s life’s purpose:  To Inspire and Empower others to serve humanity through living their life's purpose in Spirit, Love and Joy! 

Speaking Topics

Without Customers…Ya Got Nothin’!

Every business is dependent upon having customers buy and consume their offerings.  In this presentation, you’ll learn how to attract customers by creating an environment for them to buy your offerings as opposed to you “selling them”.  When customers want what you have to offer, the sales cycle is compressed allowing you to sell more, at higher margins with less effort.  The bottom line is exactly that…the bottom line.  You will experience a consistent rise in total revenue, more profit is delivered because more value is delivered, and the sales time and process are dramatically shortened.

The Trilogy of Success

People are consistently looking the keys to success.  In this presentation you’ll learn the trilogy of success: Faith, Family and Focus.  Understanding how these three foundational principles intertwine and work together allow you to launch yourself to new and higher levels of success.  We’re all a product of the choices we’ve made and the actions we taken.  Learning to make better, more fundamentally sound choices and implement new and better actions will make a huge difference in your result.

The Three Absolutes

There are three absolutes in any presentation.  Learning these absolutes and putting them into action will immediately create greater relationships, develop stronger businesses and enhance your sales.  It is then and only then that you will accomplish what you set out to do in the first place.  That is to provide a solid solution to your prospect to fulfill their needs, wants and desires with quality.  And you’ve done it in such a way that your new customer will want to become your biggest ally and customer advocate going forward.
Mastering Personality Types

There are four dominant personality types.  We all have a certain level of all four types within us that we call upon depending upon the situations we’re in.  Learning about the characteristics and communication styles that they dictate is paramount to achieving at the highest levels.  Knowing how to approach each situation with maximum effect comes from being able to identify the other person’s type and communicate in a manner that they not only accept but more importantly embrace.  You will learn to see, hear and feel the keys that differentiate the various types.  Once you learn this information, you’re ability to create greater depth of relationships will follow.

The 11 Deadly FEARS…8 for Them and 3 for You!

FEAR is a “programmed in” emotion that all of us are born with.  It is specific and typically a reaction to threat.

FEAR triggers one of three responses…fight, flight or freeze.  While “normal” fear keeps you safe, “irrational” fear stunts growth, life and business.  There have been as many as 530 phobias listed in various publications.  This presentation deals with the eight most common fears experienced by your customers.  More importantly, it walks you through how to identify them and resolve them so your prospects willingly purchase your offerings.

This session also identifies the three fears most commonly encountered by the sales person.  Taking control of these fears allows a sales person greater success by preparing them for specific situations that could potential sabotage their ability to perform to their fullest.

Communicating with Confidence

This module shares the results of a UCLA professor’s study and findings on the key components that make up “close quarters” interpersonal communications.  You discover the relationship between the words, the tonality with which the words are delivered, and the physiology behind the delivery of the words.  Your ability to understand the importance of your words, how you dance the words, and how to incorporate gestures, facial expressions and body positioning directly relates to your success.

Essential Tools to Attract and Retain Customers

There are many new innovations that have come to market recently that stand the potential to help you grow your business by saving you time, energy and money.  Learning about the essential tools is the first step to putting them into action.  Many of these high-tech high-touch tools keep you “top of mind” with your prospects and customers.  Business success today comes down to ever-increasing levels of relationships.  Incorporating the latest and greatest customer acquisition and retention tools only makes sense.

Price Versus Brand Presentation

There are two main selling philosophies; Price selling and Brand Selling.  This module explores the differences between the two philosophies and more importantly, explains how to sell more of your products, goods or services at a higher margin (greater profitability) with less effort.  It is imperative that you understand that only one competitor in the marketplace can have the “Lowest Price” automatically puts you into the Brand selling or “value-added” mode.  Brand selling requires the ability to recognize and translate the various features, advantages and benefits your products offer. 

Explore the Marketplace (Prospecting)

This is your first look at the marketplace as a whole and the beginning of your prospecting.  You have to look at the prospective market you have available to you.  Well, how do you do that?  You do the research.  You know what your product, services, or cause consists of and who it might relate to them.  You start to do the research and start to target the prospects that fit what you have to offer.  Now there’s a significant number of ways of doing this, but we have to truly know who, in fact, will benefit from what we have.

Make First Contact (Marketing)
This is where you make your first contact using the Power of the Pyramid.  Ultimately, it’s about meeting and creating a relationship to some level with others.  You have to put opportunity (people) into your funnel.  This again entails you front loading this effort.  You have to make that first contact.  Understanding that, what’s the first thing that makes your task easier? 

Very simple, you have to make seeing you and what you have to offer easy.  Think through the various strategies that work for your prospect.  It’s about you developing a process that puts others at ease with you.  One great way to accomplish that is by being at ease yourself.

Prep for Success (Qualifying)
This is where you gain information about your prospects and begin to qualify their needs, wants and desires.  This is typically the most forgotten or mis-executed stage of the entire selling cycle.  Just like when you are building a house, you need to have a solid foundation to build everything else on.  Harvesting the facts is the ability to ask questions. 

This is the exact same type of foundation that’s necessary to truly sell from the heart and understand what your customers need BEFORE you get into the presentation process.  The more efficient and better you are at being able to ask questions the more prepared you will be in providing the appropriate solution to what your prospect needs, wants and desires.

Offer the Goods (Presentation)
This is the first time you present your products, services or cause for consideration by the prospect.  Now, step four is the first time that you absolutely make a presentation of what you have to offer.  It is the A in ENHANCE your sales; Announce your offer.  Isn’t it interesting that you’re halfway through the selling cycle and you haven’t presented yet.  That’s the way it should be quite frankly. 

What tends to happen in most selling situations?  Most salespeople have the urge to purge.  They want to tell everything that they about their product—how wonderful it is, how wonderful their company is, how wonderful they are as a salesperson.  The fallacy in this is typically the prospect is not ready to hear any of that yet.  And so what happens is it kind of bounces off their “anti-salesperson” force field.

Weather the Storm (Handling Objections)
This is where you address any issues or concerns that may arise after you make a presentation.  This is really addressing, answering and handling objections. In every selling situation, objections will happen.  Understand that they’re going to; it’s just part of the process. Welcome the opportunity to clarify the questions your prospect may develop. 

If your prospect has any objections and they don’t air those objections, they are not going to go away by themselves.  They’re still going to be there.  Here’s a quick and simple rule: if there are unvoiced or unanswered objections, there is no transaction!  Knowing this, you want to make sure that you handle those objections to the very best of your capabilities. 

Engage the Sale (Closing)
This is also known as closing the sale.  Ultimately, it is your task to finalize an agreement for the prospect to take action.  It is time to ask for the order!  You’ve examined the marketplace, notified the field making that first contact, you’ve harvested the facts, announced your offering, you’ve negotiated their concerns by working through their objection—now it’s time to confirm the agreement by asking for the sale.

Confirming the agreement by asking for the order is natural as the sun setting in the evening.  It’s the conclusion that follows the presentation.  It’s the next natural progression.  It’s pretty simple if somebody says, “Yes, you write the order and you move along.”  This is the point where it’s very simple when you ask for the order.  You simply ask a closing question.  What could a closing question be?  How about a simple as, “You’re ready to get started”?  Now when they answer yes, it’s time to be quiet take the order and start to write up the paperwork.  It’s just that simple.

Request Assistance (Gaining Referrals)
This is the process of gaining referrals from those that now have knowledge of you, your products, services or cause, and have a desire to help you continue to grow.  We’ve examined the market and notified the field, you’ve harvested the facts, you’ve done a great job announcing your offering, you’ve negotiated their concerns and handled those objections, and you’ve confirmed the agreement.  You’ve asked them to buy and they’ve said yes.  Well, how do you finish up the selling cycle?  Well, simply it’s to explore additional opportunities.

It’s to simply ask your customer to help you help more people.  It’s your turn to see if the customer would be willing to share what you’ve been able to accomplish together.  The reality is you appreciate the opportunity to provide the customer what you have to offer.  The simple question becomes: “Who do you know that might need a similar offering as well?  Who do they know that could benefit from working with you to understand and receive those same benefits?  Who do they know that would like to feel that same good feeling in their heart by supporting this charity or this cause like they have?

Dare to D.R.E.A.M.
Dare to D.R.E.A.M. is a program that delivers a five-step plan of action for every situation.  D.R.E.A.M. is a five letter acronym for the five steps.  They become easily understand, embodied and implemented when you experience this highly interactive and entertaining presentation.  Having the understanding of these steps, how they work between one another, and how to maximize your plan to implement in any situation become key.  This simple yet poignant presentation will equip you with the process to move you forward.

Success is a Team Sport
Success is truly a team sport!  This presentation comes from being very fortunate to be involved in athletics from a young age through playing football in the Big 10.  It was impressed upon me early on that we all have unique talents and capabilities and that while that is certainly important, no man (or woman for that matter) is an island!  To be truly successful in life, it takes a team to propel any individual to the summit.  In a team sport, this is an easy enough concept to grasp. 

Rejection-Processing Your Issues
At some time in every sales person’s career they experience a feeling of rejection.  It could be regarding a presentation they made, a product they represented, or a prospect they called on.  No matter what the source of the rejection, this feeling needs to be addressed and concurred.  This session takes on Rejection head-on and delivers techniques and action steps to get you back performing at the highest levels quickly.

The Performance Pyramid
When it comes to the potential marketplace, there are six levels of stratification in your potential consumer base.  Being able to first identify these levels, then know how to address each group accordingly will have an immediate positive impact on your business.  Knowing more about who you’re presenting to and how to move them up “The Performance Pyramid” will gain tremendous efficiency saving you time, energy and money while you grow your business.  This presentation is a must for those who strive to be more effective.

Selling Your Way to Success!
You can truly “Sell Your Way to Success” when you have the foundational information delivered in this presentation.  Understanding selling cycle and what to do and say when instantly vaults your business to new heights because customers will become raving fans and flock to you to do business with you.  Having them buy versus you having to sell makes all the difference in the world…a positive difference that is!

EMPOWER Your Presentations
There are seven steps to the selling cycle and the more you know about each one of them, when to implement the proper techniques and strategies, and when work your way through the cycle accordingly, the more business you will do.  Not only will you grow your business, it will also be done at higher margins and with less effort.  For most, these are the goal.  Understanding how to EMPOWER your presentations will also give you greater confidence through the knowledge you’ve gained.

Success is Your Responsibility!
This presentation gets down to the Nitty-Gritty about the value of taking 100% responsibility for your business and your life.  The true freedom that comes through this session is astonishing.  Understanding that blaming others, shaming yourself and/or justify the actions or lack of actions taken does nothing but disempower you, give your power to others, and limiting your growth.  Learning how to be more accountable for your actions and your business will make a huge difference in your personal and professional life.

Making a Living by Giving
The concept behind this presentation is truly life changing.  When you follow your purpose and passion in life the entire world opens up to you.  Learning how to identify your purpose, and then put it into action with passion so that you can make your living through giving will perfectly align you with your higher source.  You’ll take action because of your alignment and quickly find out why all those that seemingly spend countless hours investing in others come away totally fulfilled personally, professional and spiritually.



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WHY Does Scott Schilling Do What He Does?

Books and Publications

Most of us want to be successful. Some of us spend more time than others dreaming of success, planning for success, and working toward success. For some, success comes easy, almost naturally. For others, it is as elusive as a summer breeze. One thing is certain, countless men and women have beaten the odds and achieved remarkable success, and in doing so, have learned lessons that can benefit us all. In this powerful edition of GPS for, some of America's most notable business professionals share their inspirational success strategies. So, pull up a chair and be prepared to learn. Your greatest successes may be just around the corner!

Talking with Giants

Talking With Giants! is a work that truly comes from the heart from gratitude and a true desire to help you feel the successes available to those who live from a place of service and generosity to others. It came from a desire to support a particular charity (Habitat for Humanity) at a time when the author s personal financial resources were not available so another vehicle had to be created. It evolved into an understanding of how amazingly blessed we all are and that because of those blessings; we all have the opportunity to do more for others.

The idea behind Talking With Giants! was simple: cross-pollinate the influential people the author knew personally and their causes, with the goal of furthering them all. Giant Cynthia Kersey s passion to help Habitat for Humanity is immensely powerful, but no less so than the passions of other Giants, such as Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Ed Young and Dr. Fabrizio Mancini. What started out as an idea to support Cynthia in her plea for Habitat for Humanity, became a realization that we all can do so much more for so many! Thus, the invitation to take action. Because of whom you are, and your commitment to support those less fortunate, it simply makes sense to make you aware of this book and the desire behind it.


Scott Schilling's Heart-Centered Approach to Selling is exactly what this country and the world needs right now. Coming from the heart with the intention to serve, rather than to simply get, is not only more fulfilling; it is more effective. Being a go-giver rather than a go-getter is the new paradigm for where we are. People want to be sincerely served, not sold. They want to be truly cared for, not taken advantage of. Scott is a master at this because this is where he lives from. His ability to teach his heart-centered approach to selling and to life is inspiring. Scott has presented his heart-centered approach to enrollment and sales at several of my seminars, and the participants were thrilled and enthusiastic about what they learned. I highly recommend his books, audio-programs and seminars.

Jack Canfield
America's #1 Success Coach

"Scott Schilling has rocked the house multiple times on my stages. He comes from the Heart, presents with passion and demonstrates the very sales skills he teaches. His "90 Second Sales Tips" detail how anyone can achieve the sales results they desire by putting these quick, easy and effective lessons into action."

T. Harv Eker
#1 N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"Scott is the Master in the Art and Science of selling. I have seen him in action dozens of times and I am in awe of what he does and how he does it.... and even more impressive are the consistent results he gets. Even though it looks like magic, Scott knows exactly what he is doing and now he is willing to teach you the secrets he has spent years perfecting. Ignore Scott's wisdom and teaching at your peril."

Keith Cunningham
Entrepreneurial Expert--Author of Keys to the Vault

"Scott's selling tips are the best I have seen made available. They just simply work! For those that don't think they are salespeople but have to sell every day to grow their practices, these tips will give you the comfort you need. Presenting what you have to offer favorably and selling has never been this easy."

Dr. Fabrizo Mancini
President--Parker College of Chiropractic Michael Hutchison

'I am honored to have known Scott Schilling since 2008. I was fortunate to attend several of Scott's Selling Courses and I recall making the following observations: Scott Schilling is a consummate gentleman and he prepares himself like a professional athlete. Scott is passionate about making a measurable difference in the quality of people's lives. Scott's energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious and his sales business wisdom is unparalleled. Anyone at any level will learn how to raise their sales game through Scott's proven sales methodology and tips. Anyone seeking to become stronger sales leaders will benefit from Scott's unique expertise in the art, craft and magic of selling."

Co-Founder / Immersive CRM / Author / Speaking Mastery: 7 Keys to Delivering High Impact Presentations

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