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Jeffrey Butler

Speaker and Millennials Consultant

Jeff spoke at our company and gave an enormous amount of value that can immediately applied to our lives at Google. Would totally recommend!

— Alex, Data Team at Google


Internationally respected speaker and consultant, Jeff Butler helps bridge generational gaps between Millennials and companies looking for their talent and patronage. He helps organizations improve their retention of millennial employees. A native Californian and raised in Silicon Valley with both parents as startup founders, Jeff has spent his entire life during the highest pattern of employee turnover in recorded history. Graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science, Jeff experienced the competition and challenges of recruiting, attracting, and retaining top talent first hand. Unlike other experts on millennials, Jeff has been in the trenches of what it means to be a millennial and what it takes to retain and keep them engaged. With Jeff ‘s versatile background, he has helped fortune 500 companies and thousands of professionals across the United States – in addition to appearing on TEDx in both 2016 and 2017. Butler has quickly built his reputation as a memorable presenter with tangible solutions for attracting, retaining, and engaging Millennials as employees and customers. Within just the past three years, he has spoken at two TEDx events and multiple Fortune 500 companies like Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

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Speaker Fee Range

Fee range: USD gross
Rate for Keynote: $14.5k
Rate for breakout: $9.5k
Rate for full day: $19.5k
Rate for half day: $17k
Domestic rates: $9.5-19.5k
International rates: 17-25k

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