Laura Schwartz


Laura’s story is impressive. She got her start as the youngest female presidential appointee in history, as the White House Director of Events for Bill Clinton. She authored a book that has helped people all over the world learn how to "Eat, Drink and Succeed.” And, as a result of her outstanding professional emcee and keynote work since 2000, in both 2019 and 2020 was named one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry” and “One of the top 7 speakers in the United States” by Successful Meetings Magazine.

Laura Schwartz, as the White House Director of Events for the Clinton Administration, worked one-on-one with the President, the First Lady, World Heads of State and international business leaders as she created and executed more than 1,000 White House events including State arrival ceremonies and dinners, America’s Millennium Celebration, the UN Millennium Summit and NATO’s 50th Anniversary. While producing the President’s events on the world stage, Laura demonstrated the ability to inspire a nation and the world through powerful productions. At just 19 years old, she arrived at the White House, with no political connections, and began her climb up the ranks as a Staff Assistant, the Midwest Press Secretary, the Director of Television, and ultimately, the White House Director of Events. Following the administration, Laura travelled the world with Former President Clinton for the Global Initiative.

Laura has been taking her empowering presentations to stages and virtually through screens across the world since 2001 and is well known for her dynamic keynotes and as a Emcee for multi-day conferences and events. Whether addressing an intimate gathering of 30 or a crowd of 30,000, Laura captivates audiences with her positive energy, expertise and enthusiasm. Laura has received high marks for her work as emcee for many prominent corporations including Hyundai Motor Company, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Uber, Mercedes Benz, AT&T, Cathay Pacific, HSBC, BlackRock, MACY’S, Hilton Worldwide, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Hyatt, NBC Universal, PepsiCo,, Coldwell Banker, Asembia Pharmaceutical and more.

In “Eat, Drink & Succeed!” Laura shares the secrets to building powerful, effective partnerships where we least expect it – in our companies, communities and beyond. Drawing from personal anecdotes from people across the world, as well as her life and White House years, Laura reveals how to be ready for the next conversation that will change our lives or that of someone else when we least expect it and truly harness the networking power of social events. 

Laura donates 100 percent of proceeds from books sold at or online during virtual engagements to a nonprofit of the client’s choice.

Laura has been a prominent face on television around the world since 2001, covering 7 presidential elections, 2 royal weddings and more. She got her start as a contract contributor for Fox News Channel before moving to CNN and CBS. Today, she is a weekly contributor on Australia’s Today Show and the BBC and fills in as a guest host for Larry King on “Larry King’s Politicking.” Laura is non-partisan and always positive as an authoritative source and commentator on a wide range of topics, including the American presidency, domestic and foreign affairs, women in business, leadership and philanthropy. 


Named one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry” in both 2019 and 2020, Laura is a preeminent emcee. Whether on your stage or emceeing a virtual event through your screen; Laura Schwartz connects.

Laura Commands Any Stage Virtual Or In Person

Laura Schwartz has hosted events all over the world. She's a professional speaker with an extensive background in television, radio, and voiceover work. There is no stage or screen Laura can't handle. She is the unique emcee who can fire up an audience with a high-energy segment, deliver a "tight 30" version of her signature keynote or conduct a thoughtful on-stage interview with CEOs, celebrities, or organizational leaders. She can create a custom on-stage program or moderate a panel discussion with thought leaders in any industry!

She Delivers Your Message In A Dynamic Way Your Audience Won't Forget

She's arrived on stage in a flight suit, hosted live cooking challenges, and an on-stage "Happy Hour" built around a conference message. She helped corporate leaders deliver groundbreaking news to a global audience of reporters at a press conference featuring a flying car. You name it, Laura Schwartz can deliver your message in a unique format that will result in a memorable, meaningful event. As your emcee, Laura keeps things on track while bringing an energy that keeps the audience focused and entertained.

She Connects To Audiences Across All Industries – Across The Globe.

Laura's high-energy style, combined with smart, live interviewing skills that only come with years of broadcast experience, make her a dynamic emcee unlike any other. Her international experience and career allow her to connect and influence all cultures, home and abroad. Laura knows her audience, wherever she is. Whether she is speaking to a room full of industry leaders, sales executives, entrepreneurs, women business leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, or young professionals, Laura connects.

Check out Laura's Emcee Portfolio here:

Keynote Speaker

Laura Schwartz is a motivational and high-energy speaker who delivers a custom experience for every audience whether from your stage or through a virtual keynote to your screen. Since 2001, she has delivered empowering keynote presentations around the world. Because of the extensive research she does in advance, Laura is able to seamlessly weave key messages and objectives through her presentations, making it relevant to any audience in any industry — whether it’s an intimate gathering of 30, a stadium of 10,000 or simply virtual that engages a global audience.

Laura’s keynote is a chance to present the audience with something different — a chance to re-imagine, re-energize, and re-engage with messages they can incorporate into their profession and personal lives. To ensure that her keynotes look like no other, Laura sought out and collaborated with an award-winning motion picture studio to produce her unique presentations. 


Though Laura adapts her keynote to every audience, her message is universal. She uses the experience she’s gained traveling the world over 10 years with a U.S. president — and spending 20 years on her own at speaking engagements around the globe — to connect with audiences of all cultures, ages and industries. Her presentations have resonated with audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas and beyond.


Check out Laura’s Keynote Portfolio here:

Keynote Topics and Presentations

Motivation and Inspiration




Women Empowerment


EAT, DRINK & SUCCEED - the keynote your audience will be talking about all year. It’s motivational, humorous and engaging, but what makes it powerful is that it’s immediately actionable.

LEAD FIRST - a unique & dynamic presentation on leadership in times of success, turbulence and change.

CREATING A CULTURE OF ENGAGEMENT - designed in response to requests for a program about her personal and professional journey, this keynote empowers audiences with 5 pillars of engagement that can change their lives.

CUSTOM KEYNOTE PROGRAMS - Laura customizes each keynote and can further create original programming and curated plenary's tailored to specific company content and themes.

DYNAMIC VIRTUAL KEYNOTES - Laura can deliver any keynote as virtual to your team, association, audience or offices around the globe


Check out Laura’s Keynote Portfolio here:

Certified Virtual Speaker

Laura is virtual ready! Laura is an accredited “Certified Virtual Speaker” with eSpeakers through the National Speaker Association of which she has been a longtime member in good standing.

Virtual Emcee Services include any live or pre-recorded services that would have otherwise been on stage such as: Pre-records, voice-overs, rehearsals, daily opens, introductions, one-on-one interviews, panel moderation, speaker/attendee question sessions, filling time between speakers or during any technical difficulties that may be experienced within the conference. As always, Laura collaborates on scripting if requested at no additional fee.

Virtual keynotes are delivered live or pre-recorded into any virtual platform you choose. Laura uses unique software in her studios to literally jump inside her dynamic presentations. Whether one of Laura's signature programs like "Eat, Drink & Succeed "or "Lead First" to an original curated program, all keynotes are delivered with the same connection, enthusiasm, and energy Laura is known for on the stage.

Virtual Studio Options

Laura Offers Scalable Professional Virtual Studios

1) In-House Creative Studio

Laura has an in-house creative studio built with tremendous 1GiG hardwired transmission and top of the line professional equipment including Cannon DSLR cameras, lighting, audio, and a variety of backdrops including a green screen to brand any event as your event. Laura can go live, live to tape or do any pre-records from this studio working within whatever virtual platform you've chosen for your event. Laura uses exceptional virtual software to produce high-quality programming taking virtual to a whole new level.

2) Off-Site Chicago Production Studios

Laura uses 2 high-end production facilities in Chicago complete with sound stages and technology for switches, satellite, fiber, and crew on a regular basis. These two studios can produce any one way, two, or multiple feeds including custom-built sets, LED walls for town halls and roundtables, green screen, AI and hologram work, and beyond for global events.

We connect our clients with these studios to discuss studio rental, satellite/fiber transmission costs if applicable, staffing, and associated fees.

3) On-Site Studio or On Location

Laura is willing to safely travel to a venue of your choice such as a central studio you are using for the production or, for hybrid events, Laura can travel to the physical conference location.

An Expertise in Virtual Services

As you evaluate Laura as a virtual emcee for your event please keep in mind these 3 additional pieces of background:

1) Prior to serving as the White House Director of Events, Laura was the White House Director of Television and responsible for all the live production and direction of large scale events, satellite media tours and live/live to tape interviews of the President, Vice President and First Lady of the United States.  Laura is very experienced and familiar with live productions and their technology.

2) Laura has been an on air-on contract television commentator since 2001. As you and your clients can imagine, Laura is very comfortable in front of a lens creating excitement and a dynamic engagement for the audience watching.  MSNBC 2001 – 2003, Fox News Channel 2004-2007, CNN 2007 – 2009 including as a special correspondent to Larry King Live, and 2009 to present with the BBC World News, the American Correspondent for and appearing weekly on Australia’s Today Show and a fill in guest host for Larry King’s current programming. 

3) Laura is a passionate high-tech woman whose Father is a master craftsman photographer and grew up the family’s award winning studio — and why she values it and is so comfortable in the studio setting.

Travel and Speaker Fees

On location Emcee or Keynote services begin at $30,000 - $40,000

Virtual Engagements begin at $20,000 - $30,000

A specific quote is provided based on the duration and scope of the event.

Packaged rates are available for multiple engagement commitments.