Mark Eaton

American Basketball Player  

Mark Eaton

"Mark has a definite gift, he made me laugh, cry and feel motivated to improve myself!"

-Danene Dusting, Employer Relations Manager


Mark Eaton is a 7'4" NBA All-Star, Best Selling author and team-building expert. He teaches CEOs and organizations nationwide how to employ the principles and coaching techniques he mastered in his twelve-year basketball career to take their teams to the next level. The Four Commitments of a Winning Team enables industry leaders, teams and individuals to outsmart, outlast and outperform their competition and achieve record-breaking success. Mark shares his incredible journey of how he went from a 21-year-old auto mechanic with no future in basketball to a record-breaking NBA All-Star!

Meeting planners, CEOs and clients of every size have touted Mark as the "best speaker they have ever had" and appreciate the fact his message has immediate impact and actionable commitments. Mark's message is ideal for those looking to inspire, strengthen and motivate their team, increase commitment between co-workers, and create an environment of safety and trust.

Mark enjoys horseback riding, skiing, and the outdoors. He lives in Park City, Utah with his wife Teri, their children, Clydesdales, dogs, cats and a burro.

Speech Topics

You will learn the importance of honoring each team member's strengths and the critical role each member plays in the success and safety of the team.

Ensure your well-being by ensuring the safety of all.

Mark will demonstrate how professional success is directly related to you willingness to promote the security of every member of the team. 

You can your team members will discover how to become invaluable by responding to the requests and requirements of others and following safety procedures. 

You will leave empowered and eager to create a safe work environment for yourself and each person you work with. 

Speaker Fee Range

$15,000 - $20,000

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Travels from Utah 


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