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Rock Star Meetings 

Mark Kamp

Mark Kamp has been delivering rock star results since 2001. Mark combines his entertainment experience from being a Las Vegas Headliner, with high content, a high level of engagement to create events that become memorable experiences. Mark leaves your audiences feeling like rock stars. Rock stars who are equipped with new strategies, tactics, and ideas that exceed expectations in their workplace. Your attendees will think differently about their business and be inspired to take immediate action. For additional ROI use Mark as your Master of Ceremonies keeping the energy and continuity high. Mark is the author of "Opportunity Rocks: Be a Rockstar in Business and Beyond" and has been featured in US Today. Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators and more. Mark’s rock star clientele include: Microsoft, BMW, Disney, Sony, McDonalds, Oracle, MTV, Marriott, American Express and many more.

Speech Topics

Opportunity ROCKS! Rhythms In Business 3.0. This Ted Talk style high energy, highly interactive presentation puts branded drumsticks in the hands of all of your attendees. Customized with your creative content to create a drumming experience of team work, camaraderie, building confidence and getting a lot of people to focus on the same thing at the same time. 

Create a vision that ignites rock star passion in your team.

Develop strong leaders who catalyze rock star productivity in your employee. Discover how to develop a rock star mindset that challenges the status quo and creates change. Team members will understand their unique part in your "band" and how they can better harmonize together. 

  • Learn to use Mark’s 3 Keys to Rock Teamwork 
  • Discover how to thrive in times of change 
  • Utilize best practices of winning, successful teams 
  • Develop a team that works together as seamlessly as your favorite band 
  • Utilize the power of a positive rock star attitude 
  • Learn the formula to take daily massive action
Speaker Fee Range

$7,500 - $12,500

Live feeds are the same. The Buy or retail price is $12,500 plus travel and $5.25 a pair for the branded sticks.

Travels From

Travels from Las Vegas

Virtual Fees

Virtual presentations $7500.00 and that includes 2 additional team members. A producer/tech and a virtual concierge to manage the breakout rooms and the chat feed.

We do have a giant green screen room available for additional customization and branding and larger then life feel for an additional $1000.00

 Also offering virtual hosting and teambuilding through gaming software. Below are my ten new agent friendly keynote and hosting videos.

Virtual Hosting, Facilitator, Game Shows, Teambuilding

Virtual Experiential Keynotes