Reilly Smith2

Reilly Smith

Las Vegas Golden Knights Captain


Born: Ontario, Canada Golden Knight 2017-2018
Residence: Las Vegas, NV
Seven NHL seasons
Position: Right Winger
111 NHL Goals w/ 171 Assists

Rise to the Big Show
Smith began playing hockey at a young age in Canada.
After high school Smith was drafted in the 3rd round of
the 2009 NHL draft but chose to enroll Miami University
before playing professionally. Smith started as
sophomore and lead the team in goals as a junior. He
forwent his senior year to turn professional. In 2012
Smith signed a deal with the NHL Dallas Stars and began
playing immediately. Smith has also played for Boston
Bruins and Florida Panthers.

Unbelievable Season in Las Vegas
Prior to the 2017 season, Smith was traded to a
new NHL expansion team, the Las Vegas Golden
Knights. After quickly adapting to his new home,
Smith became an integral part of one of the most
unexpected seasons in sports history. A 400-1
long shot to win it all, Smith helped lead the
Golden Knights to the Stanley Cup finals. Serving
as a captain for the Knights, Smith finished the
season 3rd on the team in points-per-game and

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