Robert Spector

Robert Spector

Robert is acknowledged as the leading authority on the Nordstrom company. He is the only one to have interviewed three of the four generations of Nordstrom family leadership. His three decades of studying this world-class, customer-obsessed company has yielded a series of books under the umbrella title of, The Nordstrom Way. The most recent version, The Nordstrom Way to Customer Experience Excellence: Creating a Values-Driven Service Culture, was selected Top Business Book of the Year by Forbes magazine. 




A master storyteller, Robert has presented engaging keynote presentations to organizational gatherings in over 27 countries. Offer your audience a fun, informative, and unforgettable experience, absorbing the elements of Nordstrom’s world class customer service culture and employee engagement.


Robert has been a keen observer of Jeff Bezos and the evolution of Amazon since its launch in 1995. His international bestseller, Get Big Fast (published in 2000) details the origins of the world’s most disruptive company. Translated into 16 languages, the heavily-researched, fast-moving case study explains how Bezos knew that continual evolution was key to survival. Key to that evolution is an unrelenting commitment to customer service.

There are many lessons to learn from Amazon, particularly Bezos’s mantra that it’s always “DAY ONE.”

“I read your book. I thought you did a good job.”

—Jeff Bezos said to Robert Spector on October 10, 2000 in Stockholm, Sweden, where they were both featured speakers at the New Economy Forum.

Robert teaches a class at Western Washington University that examines how retailers throughout modern history either evolve or die, and looks at how the survivors continually find ways to evolve.

Offer your audience an experience that’s fun, informative, and unforgettable! They will absorb the elements of Nordstrom’s world-class customer service culture and employee engagement while having a good time in the process. Organizations, large and small, have found his message to be relevant to their missions.

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The Nordstrom Way Survival Guide

In the C-19 economy, all organizations are seeking answers. Nordstrom has survived and thrived for 120 years by continually adapting and evolving, and asking “What’s Next?”

World-class customer service culture and employee engagement are certainties in an uncertain world. Robert Spector, best-selling author and international speaker, is offering an all-new virtual presentation that illustrates Nordstrom’s proven strategies that will work for your business.

Make this event memorable and productive by bringing in the expertise of a world-famous speaker on the topic of creating and nurturing a positive experience for both employees and customers. A master storyteller, Robert Spector’s speeches are humorous, entertaining, and educational.

  • The author of 27 books including the #1 Forbes Business Book “The Nordstrom Way,” Robert has presented engaging keynotes in more than two dozen countries to a vast array of companies, organizations, governmental agencies, non-profits, Robert Spector
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