Grant Cardone#1

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a NY Times Best Selling Author, Star of the "Undercover Billionaire" TV Show, Entrepreneur, and Private Equity Manager with 1.2 Billion in Assets Under Management.

In addition to this, he is known as the #1 Sales Expert in the world today and was called by Forbes Magazine one of the top CEO’s to follow on Social Media.

Grant currently owns and operates 7 companies that do $150M in annual sales and he recently launched the Grant Cardone Foundation, whose mission is to impact the lives of children who grow up without fathers.

Grant is the man

I have followed Grant since attending the INK Seminar in 2012 in Scottsdale Az. Been crushing the car game since. Find 1 Mentor that’s all you need. GC is mine and has given me the vision to keep pushing and grinding.

- Joel G.

INK conference in Houston boosted my confidence, my sales, and in the two months following DOUBLED my sales volume!

- Taylor T.

Hey Grant, I went to one of your workshops years ago in the US. I am Canadian and love your stuff. I am currently averaging 31 cars a month at a Toyota store. I"ve been here for 17 years and watch your videos all the time. I am always learning. Thank you again. Your friend in the car business.

- Marco P.

Grant is really motivating my team loves him. We all preach lean on the pen since going to his seminar.

- Lisa P.


Grant Cardone is a NY Times Best Selling Author, Star of the "Undercover Billionaire" TV Show, Entrepreneur, and Private Equity Manager with 1.2 Billion in Assets Under Management.

In addition to this, he is known as the #1 Sales Expert in the world today and was called by Forbes Magazine one of the top CEO’s to follow on Social Media.

Grant currently owns and operates 7 companies that do $150M in annual sales and he recently launched the Grant Cardone Foundation, whose mission is to impact the lives of children who grow up without fathers.

Speech Topics

10X Your Life, Dominate Your Market, Be Obsessed Or Be Average.

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Virtual Fees

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Laura Schwartz


Laura’s story is impressive. She got her start as the youngest female presidential appointee in history, as the White House Director of Events for Bill Clinton. She authored a book that has helped people all over the world learn how to "Eat, Drink and Succeed.” And, as a result of her outstanding professional emcee and keynote work since 2000, in both 2019 and 2020 was named one of "The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry” and “One of the top 7 speakers in the United States” by Successful Meetings Magazine.

Laura Schwartz, as the White House Director of Events for the Clinton Administration, worked one-on-one with the President, the First Lady, World Heads of State and international business leaders as she created and executed more than 1,000 White House events including State arrival ceremonies and dinners, America’s Millennium Celebration, the UN Millennium Summit and NATO’s 50th Anniversary. While producing the President’s events on the world stage, Laura demonstrated the ability to inspire a nation and the world through powerful productions. At just 19 years old, she arrived at the White House, with no political connections, and began her climb up the ranks as a Staff Assistant, the Midwest Press Secretary, the Director of Television, and ultimately, the White House Director of Events. Following the administration, Laura travelled the world with Former President Clinton for the Global Initiative.

Laura has been taking her empowering presentations to stages and virtually through screens across the world since 2001 and is well known for her dynamic keynotes and as a Emcee for multi-day conferences and events. Whether addressing an intimate gathering of 30 or a crowd of 30,000, Laura captivates audiences with her positive energy, expertise and enthusiasm. Laura has received high marks for her work as emcee for many prominent corporations including Hyundai Motor Company, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Uber, Mercedes Benz, AT&T, Cathay Pacific, HSBC, BlackRock, MACY’S, Hilton Worldwide, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Hyatt, NBC Universal, PepsiCo,, Coldwell Banker, Asembia Pharmaceutical and more.

In “Eat, Drink & Succeed!” Laura shares the secrets to building powerful, effective partnerships where we least expect it – in our companies, communities and beyond. Drawing from personal anecdotes from people across the world, as well as her life and White House years, Laura reveals how to be ready for the next conversation that will change our lives or that of someone else when we least expect it and truly harness the networking power of social events. 

Laura donates 100 percent of proceeds from books sold at or online during virtual engagements to a nonprofit of the client’s choice.

Laura has been a prominent face on television around the world since 2001, covering 7 presidential elections, 2 royal weddings and more. She got her start as a contract contributor for Fox News Channel before moving to CNN and CBS. Today, she is a weekly contributor on Australia’s Today Show and the BBC and fills in as a guest host for Larry King on “Larry King’s Politicking.” Laura is non-partisan and always positive as an authoritative source and commentator on a wide range of topics, including the American presidency, domestic and foreign affairs, women in business, leadership and philanthropy. 


Named one of “The 100 Most Influential People in the Global Event Industry” in both 2019 and 2020, Laura is a preeminent emcee. Whether on your stage or emceeing a virtual event through your screen; Laura Schwartz connects.

Laura Commands Any Stage Virtual Or In Person

Laura Schwartz has hosted events all over the world. She's a professional speaker with an extensive background in television, radio, and voiceover work. There is no stage or screen Laura can't handle. She is the unique emcee who can fire up an audience with a high-energy segment, deliver a "tight 30" version of her signature keynote or conduct a thoughtful on-stage interview with CEOs, celebrities, or organizational leaders. She can create a custom on-stage program or moderate a panel discussion with thought leaders in any industry!

She Delivers Your Message In A Dynamic Way Your Audience Won't Forget

She's arrived on stage in a flight suit, hosted live cooking challenges, and an on-stage "Happy Hour" built around a conference message. She helped corporate leaders deliver groundbreaking news to a global audience of reporters at a press conference featuring a flying car. You name it, Laura Schwartz can deliver your message in a unique format that will result in a memorable, meaningful event. As your emcee, Laura keeps things on track while bringing an energy that keeps the audience focused and entertained.

She Connects To Audiences Across All Industries – Across The Globe.

Laura's high-energy style, combined with smart, live interviewing skills that only come with years of broadcast experience, make her a dynamic emcee unlike any other. Her international experience and career allow her to connect and influence all cultures, home and abroad. Laura knows her audience, wherever she is. Whether she is speaking to a room full of industry leaders, sales executives, entrepreneurs, women business leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, or young professionals, Laura connects.

Check out Laura's Emcee Portfolio here:

Keynote Speaker

Laura Schwartz is a motivational and high-energy speaker who delivers a custom experience for every audience whether from your stage or through a virtual keynote to your screen. Since 2001, she has delivered empowering keynote presentations around the world. Because of the extensive research she does in advance, Laura is able to seamlessly weave key messages and objectives through her presentations, making it relevant to any audience in any industry — whether it’s an intimate gathering of 30, a stadium of 10,000 or simply virtual that engages a global audience.

Laura’s keynote is a chance to present the audience with something different — a chance to re-imagine, re-energize, and re-engage with messages they can incorporate into their profession and personal lives. To ensure that her keynotes look like no other, Laura sought out and collaborated with an award-winning motion picture studio to produce her unique presentations. 


Though Laura adapts her keynote to every audience, her message is universal. She uses the experience she’s gained traveling the world over 10 years with a U.S. president — and spending 20 years on her own at speaking engagements around the globe — to connect with audiences of all cultures, ages and industries. Her presentations have resonated with audiences in the UK, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas and beyond.


Check out Laura’s Keynote Portfolio here:

Keynote Topics and Presentations

Motivation and Inspiration




Women Empowerment


EAT, DRINK & SUCCEED - the keynote your audience will be talking about all year. It’s motivational, humorous and engaging, but what makes it powerful is that it’s immediately actionable.

LEAD FIRST - a unique & dynamic presentation on leadership in times of success, turbulence and change.

CREATING A CULTURE OF ENGAGEMENT - designed in response to requests for a program about her personal and professional journey, this keynote empowers audiences with 5 pillars of engagement that can change their lives.

CUSTOM KEYNOTE PROGRAMS - Laura customizes each keynote and can further create original programming and curated plenary's tailored to specific company content and themes.

DYNAMIC VIRTUAL KEYNOTES - Laura can deliver any keynote as virtual to your team, association, audience or offices around the globe


Check out Laura’s Keynote Portfolio here:

Certified Virtual Speaker

Laura is virtual ready! Laura is an accredited “Certified Virtual Speaker” with eSpeakers through the National Speaker Association of which she has been a longtime member in good standing.

Virtual Emcee Services include any live or pre-recorded services that would have otherwise been on stage such as: Pre-records, voice-overs, rehearsals, daily opens, introductions, one-on-one interviews, panel moderation, speaker/attendee question sessions, filling time between speakers or during any technical difficulties that may be experienced within the conference. As always, Laura collaborates on scripting if requested at no additional fee.

Virtual keynotes are delivered live or pre-recorded into any virtual platform you choose. Laura uses unique software in her studios to literally jump inside her dynamic presentations. Whether one of Laura's signature programs like "Eat, Drink & Succeed "or "Lead First" to an original curated program, all keynotes are delivered with the same connection, enthusiasm, and energy Laura is known for on the stage.

Virtual Studio Options

Laura Offers Scalable Professional Virtual Studios

1) In-House Creative Studio

Laura has an in-house creative studio built with tremendous 1GiG hardwired transmission and top of the line professional equipment including Cannon DSLR cameras, lighting, audio, and a variety of backdrops including a green screen to brand any event as your event. Laura can go live, live to tape or do any pre-records from this studio working within whatever virtual platform you've chosen for your event. Laura uses exceptional virtual software to produce high-quality programming taking virtual to a whole new level.

2) Off-Site Chicago Production Studios

Laura uses 2 high-end production facilities in Chicago complete with sound stages and technology for switches, satellite, fiber, and crew on a regular basis. These two studios can produce any one way, two, or multiple feeds including custom-built sets, LED walls for town halls and roundtables, green screen, AI and hologram work, and beyond for global events.

We connect our clients with these studios to discuss studio rental, satellite/fiber transmission costs if applicable, staffing, and associated fees.

3) On-Site Studio or On Location

Laura is willing to safely travel to a venue of your choice such as a central studio you are using for the production or, for hybrid events, Laura can travel to the physical conference location.

An Expertise in Virtual Services

As you evaluate Laura as a virtual emcee for your event please keep in mind these 3 additional pieces of background:

1) Prior to serving as the White House Director of Events, Laura was the White House Director of Television and responsible for all the live production and direction of large scale events, satellite media tours and live/live to tape interviews of the President, Vice President and First Lady of the United States.  Laura is very experienced and familiar with live productions and their technology.

2) Laura has been an on air-on contract television commentator since 2001. As you and your clients can imagine, Laura is very comfortable in front of a lens creating excitement and a dynamic engagement for the audience watching.  MSNBC 2001 – 2003, Fox News Channel 2004-2007, CNN 2007 – 2009 including as a special correspondent to Larry King Live, and 2009 to present with the BBC World News, the American Correspondent for and appearing weekly on Australia’s Today Show and a fill in guest host for Larry King’s current programming. 

3) Laura is a passionate high-tech woman whose Father is a master craftsman photographer and grew up the family’s award winning studio — and why she values it and is so comfortable in the studio setting.

Travel and Speaker Fees

On location Emcee or Keynote services begin at $30,000 - $40,000

Virtual Engagements begin at $20,000 - $30,000

A specific quote is provided based on the duration and scope of the event.

Packaged rates are available for multiple engagement commitments. 


Eric Termuende 2020

Eric Termuende

Eric speaks on Millennial's, on Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Employee Retention


A globally recognized thought leader, bestselling author, and speaker, Eric Termuende brings a fresh perspective to workplace culture and the future of work. His actionable and entertaining keynotes combine research, storytelling, and case studies to help leaders attract and retain top talent and build teams that thrive. Audiences will leave energized, empowered, and equipped with the tools needed to spark action and growth within their organizations.


Future-shaping keynote speaker building tomorrow’s greatest places to work.

Eric Termuende is empowering category-leading brands, associations, and leaders to navigate uncertainty and build thriving places to work.

A seasoned keynote speaker and best-selling author, Eric Termuende has been on hundreds of stages all over the world speaking about workplace culture and one-degree shifts that build communities at work. An entrepreneur his entire life, Eric has surveyed and interviewed thousands of people and brings a fresh perspective to workplace culture and the future of work.

Eric has a deep understanding of the next generation of work and how to attract and retain the right talent. His best-selling book, Rethink Work, has become a must-read for today’s leaders and as a renowned keynote speaker, Eric travels the world sharing his insights and tips about talent, teams, and employee engagement.

From the stages of AAA to Zoom, this keynote speaker inspires, challenges, and opens minds to opportunity and doors to growth.

Speech Topics

The world of work is changing faster than it ever has before. Finding and retaining top talent has never been more difficult and creating the ‘best’ culture is increasingly elusive.

How is it that we thrive in the future of work? How is it that we build great teams? And how is it that we can drive happiness, engagement, trust, and belonging?

Whether it be a keynote presentation about the future of work, how to build community, or optimizing workplace culture, Eric brings a light and refreshing, yet actionable presentation to groups around the world. This is bigger than Human Resources–this is the future of business.

Speaker Fee Range

Live or Virtual: $15,000 - $25,000

$15k + $1500 T+E (US). Anything outside will be on a case-by-case basis. All fees commissionable by 25%


  • Winning the Talent War: Three Unorthodox Rules to Elevate Recruiting, Retention, Performance, and Organizational Success
  • The One Degree Shift: Building an Intentional Future
  • Building a Thriving Community Rooted in Soft Skills, Belonging, and Psychological Safety


  • One-Degree Shifts: Keeping Employee Engagement High While Working Remotely
  • Developing Soft Skills in Times of Change
  • The Great Comeback: Building a Thriving Culture in a Post-COVID World
  • Building Tomorrow's Greatest Places to Work
A speaker from our motivational speakers bureau

Daymond John

Co-star of Shark Tank on ABC

Over the last 20 years, Daymond John has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to one of the most sought after branding, business and motivational speakers in the country.

We've had the pleasure of working with Daymond in the past on a variety of fantastic events.



Daymond John is the personification of the American Dream. From his humble beginning on the streets of New York, to a self-made multimillionaire with over $4 billion in global product sales, and a starring role on the ABC business reality TV show Shark Tank, Daymond John continues to set standards of excellence while expanding his interests in fashion, branding, marketing, consulting, entertainment and beyond. An industry leader, best-selling author and ground breaking entrepreneur, he has evolved into a highly sought after business and motivational speaker. A dynamic business speaker with over twenty years of hands-on proven business experience, Daymond John shares the strategies that continue to bring him financial success. As Founder and CEO of the FUBU (“For Us, By Us”) clothing line, John took the company from concept to global fashion powerhouse, with annual retail sales in excess of $350 million. Introducing many of the tactics commonly used today, he pioneered the art of integrating fashion, culture and music nearly 20 years ago. From his then-unprecedented guerrilla marketing and branding techniques, to the continuously innovative ways in which he uses social media, brand integration and his expertise in pop culture, Daymond John remains a cutting edge business strategist.

A best-selling author, Daymond John entered the literary world with his first book "Display of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle" which tells the story of his awe inspiring journey and provides a roadmap for those who aspire to succeed in business and in life. Drawing on his innovative experiences in the fashion business, he followed up with "The Brand Within: How We Brand Ourselves, From Birth to the Boardroom." In his presentations, Daymond John teaches audience members how to apply his successful methods to a wide range of businesses today. He shares winning tips for negotiation, boosting sales, improving employee morale, increasing productivity and optimizing talent. Daymond’s pragmatic advice resonates with everyone from students and entry-level employees, to small business owners and corporate CEOs. Each will walk away with invaluable tools to incorporate into their professional endeavors. As a motivational speaker, Daymond John’s quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work and perseverance, delivered in his unique and charismatic style, will inspire any audience. Much more than a business advisor, he shares his unique goal setting and achievement strategies, empowering audience members to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives for immediate and long-term success. “The Shark” Daymond John, will reveal how you, too, can live the American Dream.

Speech Topics

From FUBU to Shark Tank and countless ventures in between, Daymond John’s entrepreneurial journey has spanned more than 25 years. Having gleaned insights from both the successes and failures of his varied career, Daymond has developed this comprehensive lecture which empowers audiences to learn from his experiences and to make changes in all aspects of their lives; not just in business. He believes the keys to success require establishing the right mindset and following very specific set of principles, which he has distilled into five key S.H.A.R.K. points. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, non-profit employee, bank teller or otherwise, this talk has inspired thousands of people around the country reconsider their methods and make positive changes in their lives.

Speaker Fee Range

$60,000 (nonprofits / schools) $65,000(corporations) includes $5000 for all travel (air, hotel, ground)

Travels From

Travels form New York 

Virtual Fees

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Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl

Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized artist, TED speaker, and No. 1 bestselling author.


Erik Wahl was the highlight of our entire conference. He captured everyone’s imagination with his creativity and added a whole new dimension to the usual motivational message. Not to mention his artistic finale was a complete knockout!

— AT&T


Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized artist, TED speaker, and No. 1 bestselling author. His breakthrough experience as an artist and entrepreneur has translated into making him into one of the most sought-after corporate speakers on the circuit today. On stage, Erik’s keynote experience creates a dynamic multidimensional metaphor for how to systematically embrace innovation and risk.

His message: disruption is the new normal and businesses must embrace creativity in a wholesale fashion, or risk being left behind. Erik’s presentation inspires organizations to be increasingly agile and outlines how to use disruption as a competitive advantage. Some companies will be disrupted others will choose to be the disruptor. Choose wisely. His new book, THE SPARK AND THE GRIND, activates the essential components translating ideas into action. The book rose to CEO Reads bestseller list within the first week of its launch; his previous book, a bestseller called UNTHINK, was hailed by Forbes Magazine as THE blueprint to actionable creativity, and by Fast Company Magazine as “provocative with a purpose.” His breakthrough thinking has earned praise from top influencers in the realms of art and business.

Erik discovered an alarming truth early in his career as a partner in a corporate firm: organizations that encouraged creative thought did better than those that did not put innovation as a priority mission. So he set out to challenge companies to change their way of thinking. In the meantime, inspired by street art, he became an acclaimed graffiti artist—though he has since stopped selling his works for personal gain, and instead uses his art to raise money for charities. His keynote is where his passion for business growth and art dovetail. Erik’s list of clients includes AT&T, Disney, London School of Business, Microsoft, FedEx, Exxon Mobil, Ernst & Young, and XPrize.

Speech Topics

The Art of Leadership

Speaker Fee Range


Travels From

Travels from California 

John Rossman

John Rossman

With more than 26 years of technology strategy, design, implementation and operating experience, Mr. Rossman has led several complex businesses and programs resulting in innovative business models.


I would recommend John for speaking opportunities for an event of any size when the topic revolves around innovation and/or disruption.

— Tino J. Mantella, President / Technology Association of Georgia


John Rossman is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal in Seattle, specializing in technology strategy, multi-channel operations scaling and platform enablement in multiple industries including retail, service and public sector. With more than 26 years of technology strategy, design, implementation and operating experience, Mr. Rossman has led several complex businesses and programs resulting in innovative business models. He has worked with clients across a broad range of industries including retail, insurance, education, forest products, industrial products and transportation. Mr. Rossman is the author of The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles of the World’s Most Disruptive Company and is an expert on digital disruption and assisting his clients to build and execute new business models. He has served as the Senior Technology Adviser to the world’s largest philanthropy for more than three years, assisting in strategy and execution of complex data, technology integration, IP and multi-party program management initiatives that help to improve student outcomes.

He has also assisted multiple retail and service companies with their multi-channel strategies and execution. These assignments include definition of strategic outcomes, process and technology architecting, process scaling assessments and implementations and managing significant cultural and organizational leadership change tied to multi-channel strategies. Mr. Rossman served as the interim CIO for a large rental business retailer and helped implement multiple cost reduction and service improvement programs. Before joining A&M, Mr. Rossman was Director of Enterprise Services at, managing worldwide services to enterprise clients such as, Toys R Us,, Marks and Spencer and the National Basketball Association (NBA). In this role, he had full operational and technical ownership for existing clients, overseeing e-commerce solutions such as online merchandising capability, website technologies, branded fulfillment delivery and branded customer service. As Director of Merchant Integration at, he was responsible for developing the Merchants @ program, one of the largest B2B networks with thousands of sellers, offering products in new categories such as apparel, sporting goods, consumer electronics, health and beauty and home. Previously, he was a partner with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Mr. Rossman earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Oregon State University.

Speech Topics

Lessons from “The Amazon Way”
From the best-selling “The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company”, Mr. Rossman inspires audiences to reinvent, create customer obsession and takes them through an instructional understanding of digital disruption.

Why the Internet of Things Will Change the World
Based on his upcoming book “IoT for idIoTs: Building Practical “Internet of Things” Strategies and Solutions to Delight Your Customers and Disrupt Your Market”, Mr. Rossman explains the trends, impact and key approaches to build connected device solutions.

Speaker Fee Range

$15,000 - $20,000 plus $2,000 flat travel or $3,000 if from East of the Mississippi, plus hotel, city and event ground travel. 

Travels From

Travels from California 


Kaihan Krippendorff


Kaihan Krippendorff is committed to helping organizations and individuals thrive in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological change. Kaihan is known for his ability to turn difficult concepts into easy-to-understand ideas that drive meaningful outcomes and actions. He is an internationally recognized thought-leader, battle-tested consultant, and sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of business strategy, growth, transformation, and innovation.

Kaihan began his career as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company before founding the growth strategy and innovation consulting firm Outthinker. Growth strategies and innovations created through Outthinker have energized countless organizations, teams, and individuals all while generating over $2.5B in revenue for many of the world’s most recognizable Fortune 500 companies.

An accomplished author, Kaihan has written four books on business strategy, growth, and transformation, most recently Outthink the Competition (John Wiley & Sons). For his forthcoming book, The Employee Innovator: Driving Innovation From Within (Columbia University Press, 2019), Kaihan deeply researched and interviewed more than 150 internal innovators and leaders in nearly every conceivable industry.

Kaihan founded the Outthinker Roundtables – a group of high-level strategists and innovators for large global organizations. Quarterly roundtables are a unique opportunity for senior executives to take part in an intimate, candid, and forward-looking conversation with a network of peer professionals and the world’s most sought-after disruptive thinkers, including Rita Gunther McGrath, John Hagel, and George Day, among others. Quarterly meetings facilitated by Kaihan connect him with both thought-leaders and organizational leaders, providing insights as to what issues are most relevant and how companies can approach and conquer threats of disruption.

Amidst his dizzying schedule of keynotes, consulting projects, ongoing research and writing, Kaihan still finds time to be a consultant with Wharton Executive Education, faculty member of Florida International University, teacher of design strategy at Parsons School of Design, and lecturer at business schools throughout the US and internationally. He is regularly featured in key business media outlets, including BusinessWeek, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Time, Fox Business, Fast Company, PBS, and Bloomberg Radio.

He earned a Master of Business Administration at Columbia Business School and London Business School, a Bachelor of Science in finance from Wharton Business School, and a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and he holds a Doctorate of Science in economics.

With a mother from Bangladesh and a father from Germany, Kaihan brings a holistic, diverse, and global perspective to everything he does. His work has brought him to 58 countries all over the world. He speaks three languages and has lived or spent significant periods of time in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Pacific. He lives in Greenwich, Conn., with his wife and three children.

Speech Topics

As a successful entrepreneur, author, consultant and CEO, Kaihan Krippendorff has worked with and studied thousands of companies and the different approaches they take to drive growth, foster innovation, and set themselves apart from the competition. How is it that some companies are able to continually pivot their strategy, transform, and pursue new growth ideas? The answer is they have a repeatable process and common language that can be learned and taught. Based on his most recent book, Outthink the Competition, Kaihan delivers a systematic process and set of proven business strategy tools he has used with more than 300 clients in almost every industry to create innovative strategies and growth ideas that have generated more than $2.5B in revenue. Blending together first-hand stories of inspiring business and social innovators, from Elon Musk to Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, Kaihan’s presentation teaches the audience a tested method for developing actionable growth ideas that unlock growth, increase competitiveness of their business and arm them with the tools needed to excel in today’s digital, agile, and purpose-driven world. In this inspiring keynote you will learn:

  • How to use The Outthinker Process® to generate powerful ideas that can drive bottom-line results across all levels of the business
  • How to find a “Fourth Option”: the option beyond the obvious choices, the option others will not see or respond to
  • The Outthinker playbook: five strategic narratives you want to master now
  • A simple approach to avoid killing off “crazy” ideas and instead turn them into winning moves
  • How to extract value of internal ideas to drive organic growth
  • How to build a culture of Outthinking that celebrates fresh strategic and innovative ideas and thinking
  • How to empower and inspire your employees so that they are ready to take action to develop, test and scale innovative growth ideas
Speaker Fee Range

$15,000 - $25,000 

Travels From

Inquire within 

Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak is one of the world’s leading experts on training, managing and marketing to the millennial generation.


We count on Lindsey to expertly navigate tough audiences to an understanding of ever-changing workplace dynamics; and arm them with tools to manage, motivate and inspire a new generation of bankers..

— Anna Laidlaw, Director of HR / US Investment Banking Lazard


Lindsey Pollak is one of the world’s leading experts on training, managing and marketing to the millennial generation. Lindsey is the New York Times best selling author of Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders and Getting from College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World, both published by HarperCollins. She serves as an official ambassador for LinkedIn, spokesperson for The Hartford’s “My Tomorrow” campaign and chair of the Cosmopolitan magazine Millennial Advisory Board. Lindsey’s consulting and keynote speaking clients total more than 150 corporations, conferences and universities, including Barclays, Citi, GE, IBM, PwC, Ralph Lauren, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

Her areas of expertise include marketing to millennials, managing millennials, succeeding in the multigenerational workplace, personal branding and career development. Her advice and opinions have appeared in media outlets such as the TODAY Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, FOX Business, Glamour, CNN and NPR. She appears on several lists of “Best People to Follow on Twitter,” including Mashable’s list of top non-fiction authors. Forbes named her blog one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career.” In her charitable work, Lindsey serves as chairwoman of the board of She’s the First, a nonprofit organization that sponsors girls’ education in developing countries so they can be first in their families to graduate from high school. Lindsey is a graduate of Yale University and is based in New York City.

Speech Topics

Corporate Topics:
Succeeding Through Generational Diversity
What Gen Y Wants
Becoming The Boss: New Rules For The Next Generation Of Leaders

College Topics:
Getting From College To Career: 7 Absolute Musts
Leveraging Social Media For Job Search Success.

Speaker Fee Range


Travels From

Travels from New York, NY



A new type of speaker & artist who blends
inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry


Sekou Andrews is inspiring the business world in powerful and unexpected ways, through a new style of inspirational speaking called “Poetic Voice.” As the world’s leading poetic voice, Sekou creates personalized poetic presentations that give voice to the messages and missions of organizations and help them tell their most powerful stories. He is the creator of this cutting-edge category of speaking that combines strategic storytelling, spoken word poetry, theater and comedy to make events into experiences and transform audiences of informed receivers into enrolled responders.
An elementary school teacher turned actor, recording
artist, poetry slam champion, entrepreneur, and award-winning poetic voice, Sekou may spend any given day giving a poetic keynote at an international conference, training CEOs to become dynamic speakers, or performing poems for Barack Obama in Oprah Winfrey’s backyard. His work has been featured on such diverse national media outlets as ABC World News, MSNBC, HBO, Good Morning America, Showtime, MTV and BET. He has performed privately for such prominent individuals as Maya Angelou, Larry King, Norman Lear, Sean “P-Diddy” Combs, and Coretta Scott King and family. The list of global organizations being thrilled each year by poetic voice include Toyota, Nike, General Mills, Microsoft, The Gap, EA Games,

Speech Topics

D.I.Y. Innovation Themes: Innovation, Disruption, Creativity, Leadership, Transformation Length: 20-45 min
As companies large and small grapple with how to face disruption and inspire a culture of innovation, this popular, energetic keynote reminds your audience to innovate from within first. Sekou offers a creative perspective on embracing failure, encouraging unconventional thinking and being the kind of leader who walks your innovation talk. The inspiration in this hilarious and powerful talk will hit your audience deeply when Sekou shares the personal, innovative story of his creation of a new, cutting-edge style of communication, illustrating that “Innovation is simply the difference between ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ and ‘Why didn’t I think LIKE that?’

Speaker Fee Range

Inquire within 

Travels From

Travels from L.A. and requires first class for one plus two nights. 

Video Gallery

Richard Branson "non exclusive"

Richard Branson
We've had the pleasure of working with Richard in the past.
Speech Topics
Speaker Fee Range
Travels From


Terry Jones

Terry Jones

Terry Jones is an author, venture capitalist, innovator and keynote speaker.


Las Vegas Speakers Bureau

His willingness to share his knowledge and his ability to open the minds of our audience and focus on their future in the online world was remarkable.



Terry Jones is an author, venture capitalist, innovator and keynote speaker. He is the founder of, founding Chairman of and current Chairman for Wayblazer, a company designed around innovation and travel. He has a proven track record of leading companies whose innovations have revolutionized an industry. His book, ON Innovation, has encouraged innovation and cultural change for readers worldwide. Terry helps companies use the tools and techniques he’s developed to keep up with this rapidly changing world. His programs on innovation, leadership and customer relationships are always thought provoking, entertaining and customized. Attendees walk away with inspired ideas and concrete action items to implement in their companies. With programs that are informative and mind expanding, Jones challenges audiences to think outside the box and envision the future.

Speech Topics

Every business needs to innovate, but where do you start? In this presentation, Terry Jones explores the fundamentals of innovation and gives leaders simple but powerful ideas they can use to create a more innovative organization. Drawing from his experiences as the founder of, founding Chairman of and Chairman of Wayblazer, Jones helps audiences turn innovation from an academic exercise into an everyday skill. The stories from his career and personal experiences not only provide well-chosen real world illustrations of how challenging, and ultimately rewarding it can be to gather a team and establish a culture that is open to change, he gives audiences step-by-step plans to create it.

Building Digital Relationships
How will your customer contact you today? In the store, via the phone, on your web site, read a tweet, friend you on Facebook? There is no way to know. In this presentation, e-commerce pioneer Terry Jones gives your audience the keys to unlock the mystery of how to deal with today's omni channel customer. While face-to-face contact isn't going away, companies that lack an effective online relationship strategy are being left behind. Jones vast online experience can educate your audience in all phases of the digital conversation from search to social media, using real-world examples in creating Travelocity, Kayak and helping dozens of other companies.

Leadership in a Wired World
It’s a new world out there…A world where ‘the office’ is anywhere and communications is constant; where the pace of change is staggering and the ‘wired generation’ is entering the work force. In the new world, how do you lead? The basic principles of good leadership haven’t changed in hundreds of years; but, in this new world, how we APPLY them MUST change. Today’s new worker has been raised in the digital age, has been multi-tasking since the age of 3 and has been online for most of their life. How can companies most effectively communicate with, lead, and leverage this very different employee base? Terry Jones has led both large corporations and small startup companies. As a CEO, board member and consultant, his innovative leadership style has helped reshape an industry. In this program, he offers concise and actionable insights into how leadership is changing in this technology-driven world.

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Travelocity's Terry Jones at Skift Global Forum

Terry Jones on the Future of Travel

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Sam Richter

Sam Richter

Sam Richter takes something everyone intuitively knows - Knowledge Is Power! - and turns it into reality.


Las Vegas Speakers Bureau

I have rarely been truly blown away by a speaker. Sam Richter’s presentation featured some of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing, information and techniques I have ever experienced in a high-content keynote. I couldn’t take notes fast enough! As they say: ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ Trust me. What Sam knows, you don’t know. Hire him to speak for your conference! You’ll be a hero.

CEO / Arvin Group


The Internet has RADICALLY CHANGED the way that people buy and sell. Buyers have more information than ever, and they don't have time to waste in data gathering meetings. Yet while buying behavior has changed, people still sell pretty much the same way they have for the past 50 years. THAT'S CRAZY!!! If your sales and marketing teams aren't taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others as intelligence gathering tools; if you're not using the secret search tricks that Google and other websites provide to learn more about prospects, clients, and competitors - THEN YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON BIG TIME BUSINESS.

Considered one of THE world's foremost Sales Intelligence thought leaders, Sam Richter takes something everyone intuitively knows - Knowledge Is Power! - and turns it into reality. Every sales training program and book teaches the value of knowing what's important to the other person and connecting on a personal level. But no one tells you HOW to do it. Until now! Through real-world examples, humor, success stories (and some failures), and via his unique interactive and fast-paced manner, Sam will guide you through the world of online information, how to find it and how to apply it to build meaningful prospect and client relationships. His programs will WOW! you and your attendees, and he's guaranteed to be one of the most high-content, take-home-value presenters your organization has ever had. What Sam teaches is RELEVANCE ACCELERATION – how to tell your company's story in a manner that your buyer cares about and wants to hear. Sam's completely customized programs will shock you, sometimes scare you, and always provide you new and innovative ways to find new prospects, connect with people, and build powerful and meaningful business relationships. Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on sales, marketing, and leadership.

His award-winning experience includes building innovative technology, sales, and marketing programs for start-up companies and some of the world's most famous brands. Sam has been featured in thousands of television and radio programs, national and online publications, and he presents his customized Know More! keynote and training programs to audiences around the globe. He is the author of the best-selling and award-winning book, Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, considered the preeminent publication on finding information online and using it for sales success. Sam is founder and CEO of SBR Worldwide/Know More!

He recently was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential People in Sales by InsideView. He has won numerous regional, national and international marketing awards including Best of Show and Gold Awards, Webby Awards, and a Gold Award at the International Film Festival. He's also won a Retail Vision Award and a Codie Award – the "Oscars" of the software industry – for Best E-commerce Software. Sam is a member of the Business Journal's "Forty Under 40" list honoring the top Minnesota business leaders under the age of forty. He also was a finalist for Inc. Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year and he's one of the more highly recommended persons on LinkedIn. Sam received his B.A. from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication and was twice named Scholastic All-American while also a four-year player and a letter winner on the University of Minnesota varsity football team. Sam lives in Minnetonka, Minnesota with his wife and two children, serves on the board of a number of for-profit companies, and volunteers his time to numerous non-profit organizations.

Speech Topics

Corporate Topics:
Relationship Prospecting
For sales professionals but with a greater focus on creating prospect lead lists that meet specific criteria, and then a process for quickly finding information on the identified prospects to ensure relevancy during sales calls.

For persons who generate a majority of their business via referrals (e.g., financial advisors) with a focus on using web resources to identify best prospects and converting them to clients.

For marketing and creative professionals who want to learn how to find information for more personalized and relevant communications.

For non-profit development executives who want to learn the inside secrets on finding and securing potential donors and grant opportunities.

Business Planning
For executives who want to learn how to effectively find information including competitive data for better business and strategic planning.

Speaker Fee Range
United States/Mexico/Canada:
Keynote: $17,500 | Half Day: $22,500 | Full Day: $25,000
US Travel: $1,500 buyout + ground transportation in host city + hotel
*Mexico/Canada Travel: $2,000 + ground transportation in host city + hotel


International Fees:
South America: Keynote: $20,000 | Half Day: $22,500 | Full Day: $25,000
Europe: Keynote: $20,000 | Half Day: $22,500 | Full Day: $25,000
Asia/Australia/Africa: Keynote: $22,500 | Half Day: $25,000 | Full Day: $27,500
**International Travel: business class air + 3 nights hotel, ground, meals & incidentals
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Travels from Minnesota

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Mari Smith

Facebook and Marketing Expert 

“Queen of Facebook” one of world’s foremost experts on Facebook Marketing, high-end business development coach


Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on Facebook marketing and social media. She is a Forbes’ Top Social Media Power Influencer, author of The New Relationship Marketing and coauthor of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day. Forbes recently described Mari as, “… the preeminent Facebook expert. Even Facebook asks for her help.” She is a recognized Facebook Partner; Facebook headhunted and hired Mari to lead the Boost Your Business series of live events across the US. 

Mari is an in-demand speaker, and travels the world to keynote and train at major events. Her digital marketing agency provides professional speaking, training and consulting services on Facebook and Instagram marketing best practices for Fortune 500 companies, brands, SMBs and direct sales organizations. Mari is also an expert webinar and live video broadcast host, and she serves as Brand Ambassador for numerous leading global companies.

Speech Topics

Facebook Marketing

 Instagram Marketing

Messenger Marketing including chatbots

Social Media Marketing

Video Marketing

Live Streaming Videos - growing through live broadcasts

Content Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Brand Ambassador Partnerships

Thought Leadership

Speaker Fee Range

$20,500 - $35,000

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Travels from San Diego, California. Plus business class airfare, ground transportation and hotel. 

Dr. Kerry Johnson

Dr Kerry Johnson

Dr. Kerry Johnson is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Coach. He has written 9 books including, Mastering the Game, Peak Performance: How to increase your business by 80% in 8 weeks, and his newest book, New Mindset, New Results.


Las Vegas Speakers Bureau

Dr. Kerry Johnson is an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Coach. He has written 9 books including, Mastering the Game, Peak Performance: How to increase your business by 80% in 8 weeks, and his newest book, New Mindset, New Results.

Kerry L. Johnson, MBA, Ph.D. is an internationally known author and speaker who presents at least 12 programs a month to audiences from Hong Kong to Halifax, and from New Zealand to New York. Traveling 8,000 miles each week, he speaks on such topics as "How To Read Your Customer's Mind," "Management Magic: The new technology of leadership," and "Mastering the Art of Business Relationships."
He has been featured on CNN, and CNBC. Dr. Johnson has also lectured at Harvard, Oxford, Purdue and the University of San Diego.

In addition to speaking, Kerry currently writes monthly for fifteen national trade and management magazines whose editors have dubbed him "The Nation's Business Psychologist." He is the author of six books including, MASTERING THE GAME (Louis & Ford), PEAK PERFORMANCE: HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS BY 80% IN 8 WEEKS (Prentice-Hall), WILLPOWER: The Secrets of Self-Discipline and his newest book, BEHAVIORAL INVESTING: Why Smart People Make Dumb Mistakes With Their Money. His quarterly newsletter THE WINNING EDGE, is read by nearly 100,000 professionals around the globe.

In the 1970's, Kerry spent two years competing on the International Grand Prix Tennis Tour. He played both singles and doubles matches against some of the world's top tennis players. In 1984, Kerry was recognized by the U.S. Jaycees as one of the Most Outstanding Men in America.

Speech Topics

How To Read Your Clients Mind

Peak Performance: How to Increase Your business by 80% In 8 Weeks

How To Hire Train and Retain Great People

Management Magic: How To Get People To Produce 

Marketing To The Affluent

The Trust Connection: How To Master The Art Of Business Relationships

Speaker Fee Range

$15,000 - $20,000

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Travels from Orange County, CA