Alex Weber

Award-Winning Entertainer, and American Ninja Warrior

Alex gives Leaders and Organizations proven strategies to become relentless, gain their competitive edge, and unlock record breaking achievements.

Fee range:  Keynote: $10,000 | Half Day: $12,500 | Full Day: $15,000
US Travel: $1,000 buyout (includes ground transportation) + hotel
*Mexico/Canada Travel: $1,500 flat-travel + hotel (2 nights minimum)
Virtual: 50% of all in-person fees

Alex Weber is an American Ninja Warrior, Award-Winning Leader & Entertainer positively inspiring millions to achieve breakthrough success!

Not only does Alex talk the talk as an in-demand international speaker, he’s walked the walk as an elite competitor on NBC’s Emmy-nominated series American Ninja Warrior. Well, more like, leaped the leap!  This wildly popular TV show has sparked a global phenomenon to the extent that hundreds of thousands of people apply, and only a few hundred are given the rare opportunity to compete. Alex is the only person to host and compete on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.  Alex’s greatest passion is championing your highest potential by helping you find your Edge…

Because success is about more than just knowing what to do, it’s knowing how to do it. And, when it comes to masterful execution of your skills, one thing is certain: Negative energy kills results.

In order to perform and lead at your best, you need to access your Edge. Alex shows Top Professionals and Leaders how to bring their very best everyday, and to the most high-stakes situations that can make or break your success.

It’s his sincere understanding of peak performance and peak challenges, mixed with inspiring stories and actionable strategies that makes Alex unforgettable for your audience.

With his contagious energy and passion, Alex shares his game-changing secrets to record-breaking success, and will be the human shot of espresso to make your people come alive!

The Positive Energy Edge: The Key to Record-Breaking Achievement in Any Season

How do you tap into the ultimate creativity, confidence, and resourcefulness when it matters most, and the stakes are high? You need a reliable way to avoid living and working in Unproductive Energy, where stress is high, solutions seem limited, mistakes are repeated, and perceived challenges only grow stronger. Instead, you need to activate The Positive Energy Edge.

The Positive Energy Edge is a timeless strategy that allows you to be, achieve, and lead at your very best. It also allows you to thrive when facing the “Big Four” most critical situations that routinely sabotage success in any field and in any season. When you know how to give yourself what you need to maintain your Edge, you can inspire it in those around you, to reach record-breaking levels of achievement without fear.

Audiences will learn:

  • “The Big Four” – high-stakes situations you must be ready for and how knowing them will help you work smarter
  • The Positive Energy Edge – how using it will set you apart and the 4 ways to reliably access it
  • How to use challenges as a tool to increase self belief, confidence, excitement and purpose
  • Unforgettable personal stories and case studies to inspire and anchor transformational lessons and practical strategies you can use again and again
  • Simple ways to apply the Positive Energy Edge to help and lead others when they need you most