David Fabricius

International Keynote Speaker, Leadership & Sales Trainer, Team Builder, AI Explorer, Innovator, Adventurer

Surviving five major near death experiences, David has a unique perspective on life and how to create success.

Fee range:  $5k-$35k
Travels from: Las Vegas, NV
Virtual: $2k -$3k

Surviving five major near death experiences, David Fabricius is an award-winning entrepreneur, award-winning speaker, award-winning philanthropist, global traveler and adventurer, and spiritual nomad.

He has helped iconic brand organizations, globally across six continents, increase their sales by 26% to 300% in 90 days or less. David has traveled to 147 nations worldwide.

All of his presentations have several things in common: an excited audience giving him a standing ovation, and an uncommon eagerness to take action to go out and make more sales. (Lead Better, Sell More and Maximize the Profits).

He has trained special operations men and earned first place in a military special instructors’ program.

He is a master at inspiring elite performance and unifying teams.
David’s global clients include: YPO – Young Presidents Organization, EO – Entrepreneurs Organization, Microsoft, Motorola, Mass Mutual, Lucent Technologies, Mercedes Benz, International Institute for Management Development, High Point University, American Jewish University, Rich Dad Elite Legacy, Fortune Builders, Old Mutual Private Wealth, RE/MAX and many more.

David Fabricius has met, interviewed and/or shared speaker programs, green rooms and stages with some of the biggest names in the world, including: Sir. Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta, Dr. Hugh Hilton, Steve Wozniak, George Ross, Bethenny Frankel, Mel Gibson, Brooke Shields, Christie Brinkley, Anthony Lolli, Forbes Riley, Fredrik Eklund, Michael Buffer, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Gene Simmons, Brett Michaels, Vanilla Ice, Nido Quebein and many more A-list celebrities and world-famous personalities. He even had members of the Rothchild family attend one of his events in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego.

David Fabricius has been featured in and on more than 500 media channels worldwide. (He is a three-times world record setter.) These channels include BBC World News, CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, Wall Street Business Network, International Business Times, Silicone Investor, Telemundo and many more.

The Future Of AI in Business & The Human Element

AI is here to stay. There is truth in the notion that one AI Robot can replace 10 to 1000 ordinary people, but that no “machine” can replace one extraordinary person.

Here David helps to explore and anticipate how you can make money now using AI, what’s coming next in AI, and how to be a Mench in the future AI economy

How to be the one extraordinary person, and how to in addition as a team or individual use AI in the fastest, best, and most ethical ways to achieve your best results now.

Sales Motivation & The Fabricius 3 Step Sales Process

Let David Fabricius ignite, educate and entertain your top sales producers or entire sales force globally, with his extraordinary ability to inspire, and his proprietary proven sales system for increasing individual and organizational sales. Each presentation is fully customized based on what is most important to you. Tell us what you want your people to think, feel and do at the end of David’s presentation and that will be his core focus to make that happen for you. The possibilities are almost endless here as David Fabricius knows exactly how to use a combination of Las Vegas-style entertainment and global business best practices to produce the results winning organizations want and need in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

This is a perfect choice for the next sales and leadership event in which you do not have a dynamic producing speaker as of yet. David will show you how to get better results faster at a budget which is a fraction of what the two biggest names in the world demand. Think of it this way — imagine going from a scooter to a spaceship at a budget you can afford. David’s presentation will empower your people to go out and make more sales and generate more revenue for your company. David is all about results.

Breakthrough to Excellence (The Genesis of Excellence)

Here David passionately shares the exact seven steps for breaking through to the next level in leadership and sales excellence. This presentation has earned him standing ovations and rave reviews from YPO’ers and Fortune 500 Corporations worldwide. It’s a high impact experience best described as a combination of a Las Vegas Extravaganza, Delta Force training, and a Harvard Business School lecture. This presentation is always fully customized and personalized, and may include dramatic demonstrations (stunts of what is humanly possible). This is a proven winner as an opening or closing presentation for any event where you desire to truly inspire, motivate and ignite your people. This presentation can be combined with David’s firewalk experience (your interests, venue, available time and budget allowing).


David Fabricius’ Heart of the Leader System is globally proven with some of the most discerning audiences in the world, including members of the House of Lords in London, YPO, EO, and Fortune 500 Companies. His perspectives on leadership are endorsed by the head of the Swiss Private Bank, Cantrade, a Delta Force Colonel and Ph.D.’s from some of the finest business schools on Earth. It is immediately useful, powerful and practical.

Team Building

David Fabricius has extensive global experience in unifying high-performance teams to collaborate and perform at the next level. His Special Forces background prepared him exceptionally well as a team builder. He truly understands how to rally people toward a common vision. And he is very creative in creating the very best team building experience possible within the parameters of your venue and budget. He is a master at showing people how to see far more opportunity, and how what most people think is impossible is possible with specialized knowledge and team effort. He has facilitated more firewalk events than Tony Robbins worldwide, and has done so for YPO across six continents. He has also taken close to 20,000 bankers through firewalk experiences. David is the choice of the financial elite.

Employee Engagement and Work-Life Integration

The Vital Seven / Core Seven

David is the creator of the Vital Seven System for Work-Life integration in which he respectfully shares the best of what he has learned in his travels across 147 countries worldwide. The vital seven are: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Social and Sexual.

Each presentation is carefully customized based on the preferences and sensitivities of the audience.

The Core Seven for Entrepreneurs

Here David dives deep into the seven most important elements for rapid and sustainable entrepreneurial success.

The Core Seven includes Time, Energy, Relationships, Brand Visibility, Money (asset allocation and tax planning), Work-Life Integration, and Philanthropy. David combines the best of what he has learned from billionaires, multimillionaires, Olympic and world champions, and other uncommonly extraordinary people around the world including Generals.