Dean McFlicker

Award-winning director who translates Hollywood techniques into practical tools for sales, marketing and leadership in the corporate world.

Fee range:  $10,500 – $20,500
Travels from: LAX/Burbank CA
Virtual: Yes

What differentiates Dean McFlicker from other speakers is that he is an awarding-winning director who translates Hollywood techniques into practical tools for sales, marketing and leadership in the corporate world. His most popular presentation is Impact & Influence: A Hollywood Insider’s Guide to Marketing & Leadership  where he makes important business information uniquely interesting with celebrity examples and exclusive behind-the-scenes insights.

As SVP and Creative Director at the most watched media company in the world, NBCUniversal, Dean is at the forefront of some of the entertainment industry’s biggest projects working with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Using his one-of-a-kind insider information Dean delights audiences with celebrity examples while illustrating practical and positive ways to mold and harness your brand to achieve your sales, marketing and event goals. Now more than ever, in our era of fragmentation, Dean is the branding expert who will show you and your company how to find your place in the rapidly evolving, cross portfolio, multi-platform landscape to truly connect with your consumers and clients. Dean McFlicker is an award‐winning producer and director of countless productions and has created campaigns for some of the most successful shows on television, including The Voice, America’s Got Talent, ER, Law & Order, SVU, Smash, Heroes, The Apprentice, The West Wing, The Biggest Loser, Friday Night Lights, Days of Our Lives, Las Vegas, Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal, Chicago Fire, American Dreams, Nashville Star, the ratings phenomenon The Sound of Music Live,The Wiz Live and soon to be aired Bye Bye Birdie with Jennifer Lopez.


Last year he produced “the most successful TV show trailer in the history of Facebook” (source:New York Times 8.2016) and “the greatest TV show trailer ever made” (source:TwoParagraph Media 5.2016) which launched This Is Us into becoming the #1 show on television this season. Before that, he helped launch The Voice into becoming TV’s the #1 reality show, The Blacklist #1 new drama, and created a social media mega-storm around The Sound of Music Live starring Carrie Underwood leading to a record-shattering 65 million viewers. Now, for the first time, NBC’s Senior Vice President and Creative Director of Marketing, Dean McFlicker gives you the inside scoop. In this fun, funny and interactive information-packed session, Dean will show you:

• how to entertain, connect and break through the clutter of the over-saturated media landscape

• how to understand and harness the power of your brand potential

• how to satisfy the seemingly endless appetite of the social media monster

• AND what it’s like working with many of the world’s biggest stars (Beyoncé! Betty White! Ariana! JLO! NPH! Seacrest! and more…)


Understanding convergence and how to position your company and products for success in an increasingly multi-platform media landscape.


A step by step guide to creating your own opportunities.


7 steps to take you from classroom to dream job.


Backstage lessons from the stars


A Hollywood insider’s guide to marketing & leadership branding