Dick Finnegan

THE Turnover Expert!

Richard P. Finnegan is the CEO of C-Suite Analytics, a consultancy specializing in engagement and retention solutions. He has been cited in BusinessWeek and Chief Executive as the leading thinker on employee retention, and is the author of The Stay Interview.

Fee range:  $12,500
Travels from: Orlando, Florida

Dick Finnegan is THE global turnover expert, having cut turnover by 30% and more for healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, distribution centers, call centers, and other industries…and on all six inhabited continents.

Dick has authored the top-selling SHRM-published book in history, The Power of Stay Interviews, along with four other books.  BusinessWeek magazine has said “Finnegan offers fresh thinking for solving the turnover problem in any economy”. He has been similarly cited by Forbes, Chief Executive Magazine, and Consulting Magazine.

As a supremely rated speaker, Dick Finnegan opens executives’ eyes to turnover’s mega-impact on their productivity and profits and provides strongly-researched and business-driven ways to fix turnover, comparing those same solutions to the ways organizations improve sales and service.

He holds bachelors and graduate degrees from The Pennsylvania State University and lives in Orlando, Florida.

The Power of Stay Interviews: Cutting Turnover 20% and More During “The Great Resignation”

How did a major healthcare company cut turnover by 22% during the great resignation? Or a food processing company reduce turnover by 23%? Or a national waste & recycling company cut turnover by 26%? A recent MIT study proved employees are leaving “toxic corporate cultures” during the great resignation rather than seeking more pay…all while companies are raising pay and hiring less-qualified applicants to fill open jobs. This fast-moving session will prove that turnover can be greatly reduced during 2022 by applying a consistent five-step approach including implementing stay interviews and holding supervisors accountable to retention goals, all to ultimately move retention accountability from HR to operations where real solutions happen.

Prework for this session includes applying a proprietary calculator to determine the cost of turnover for key jobs.

The Work-From-Home Challenge for Employee Engagement & Retention

Covid-19 stressed our workplaces in unprecedented ways, and just one outcome is the increased number of employees who will work from home. Gallup’s findings that the #1 reason employees leave and disengage is how much they trust their direct supervisors adds substantial burden to the already-challenging goal of retaining and engaging top performers. How can leaders build one-on-one trust virtually while working with teams who they might never meet in person? Learn the precise ways Stay Interviews can be modified to leverage trust and increase virtual productivity.

Leadership, Trust, and It’s Straight-Line Connection to Retention & Engagement

It’s a simple exercise. Ask a group of attendees to raise their hands if they’ve ever left a job for more pay. Then ask “Has anyone left a job because of an untrustworthy boss?” Twice as many hands will rise for the second question regardless of job level. Somewhere in the mix of exit surveys and other surveys for pay, benefits, and engagement, we’ve lost track of what really matters to keep our employees and motivate them to give their best – TRUST. It is leadership’s responsibility to train for it, coach for it, promote for it, and build the organizations upon its pillar. Learn the behaviors high-trust leaders utilize and apply, as well as the language and verbal cues that amplify their impact on teams and organizations so you too, can fully leverage these remarkable strengths.

Let’s Rethink Retention and Engagement

In our post-Covid way of work, engagement and retention have never mattered more. Common thinking is employees quit or disengage because of pay/benefits/recognition/communication and the like…when the deeply-researched top reason is they don’t trust their boss. Solutions are elusive, though, because trust coaching and courses don’t make a dent. But organizations and each of their leaders can make lasting improvements to engagement and retention. Attendees will learn business-based strategies and tools to build trust to greatly improve engagement and retention…and ultimately company profitability.