Franklin Urteaga

Former Clinton White House Tech Advisor, Obama Campaign Aide

Franklin Urteaga is an Innovator, motivational speaker, successful entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker on Tech and Innovation.

Fee range:  $25,000 to $50,000
Travels from: California & Washington, DC

Franklin knows what consumers want before they want it, and recognizes it before most people do. Most recently, Franklin introduced the “World’s First” Fake News Filter mobile app, OIGETIT (Oh, I Get It), to help fight the global epidemic of fake news.

OIGETIT is Franklin’s 3rd start-up company, and once again, he is introducing another innovative Internet start-up to consumers all over the world, including the U.S., China, India, and the Middle East. OIGETIT uses its advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to provide mobile phone users with the power “to instantly determine if the news they are reading is “Real or Fake” by using OIGETIT’s “Fake News Filter” to fact-check the news.

As one of the few Americans in modern history, Franklin had the distinct privilege of working for 2 U.S. Presidents: Bill Clinton & Barack Obama.

Franklin served 5 years at the White House during President Clinton’s Administration, working for the Deputy Chief to the President, and serving as a member of the prestigious White House Technology Working Group.

During his time as a White House Innovation Advisor, Franklin worked on producing and supporting National Technology Programs for the United States, and launched one of the first Internet Demo Days at the White House.

Throughout the world, Franklin is considered one of the foremost technology pioneers that helped to launch a number of famous startup companies, including world famous online dating sites such as JDate (Jewish Dating) and ChristianMingle.

Five years after launching his online-dating startup, MatchNet, it became the 2nd largest online dating company in the world with a market cap over $400 Million. MatchNet was eventually sold to a group of Wall Street investors. Franklin also helped to launch Sierra Scientific Instruments which produced a revolutionary motility catheter, allowing doctors to detect the functionality of the esophagus in real-time. The company was acquired by a subsidiary of the global medical device company, Medtronic.

Franklin speaks on topics including: The Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Misinformation, Disinformation, Fake News, the Metaverse, Internet of Things (iOTs), Smart Cities, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Fintech, Big Data, the Sharing Economy, the Unicorn Companies Phenomenon, Technology & Innovation, technology trends, mobile technologies, and U.S. Innovation versus China Innovation.

Franklin also speaks about mental health and healthcare.