Howard Dell

Actor, Professional Athlete, Writer and Athletic Consultant

Former Olympian Howard Dell approaches every avenue of his life with the same drive, passion and persistence that propelled him, at breakneck speed, down the icy rollercoaster-like slopes of the International Bobsled circuit.

Fee range:  USA: Keynote – up to 60 mins – $14,000 USD + Air, Ground & Meals, Up to 2 nights hotel.
Travels from: Europe

Howard Dell is a man on a mission. An accomplished renaissance man. He captures the audience with his energy, humor, and caring He’s had a lifetime of experience including being an Olympian, a professional Football and Basketball player, a world championship bronze medalist in bobsleigh, a liver transplant recipient and a 8x Gold medalist and world record holder in the World Transplant games. He is a distinguished coach in professional sports and sports training. Not to mention a celebrated film and TV personality who has amassed over 200 credits in film and TV. His musical performances stretch from professional musical theatre to semi finalist on “The Voice” to performances with legendary music producer David Foster. But most importantly he is an internationally know motivational speaker. His lifetime of experience has given him the tools to becoming an established educator in the effectiveness of personal leadership, a teacher in the Power of Positive thinking, as well as a shining example in how to self motivate and always be moving forward . (ABMF) He takes the audience through his journey of growth and change. Always asking and challenging his audience with the prospect of “what would happen if?”

Sharing his recent fight with colon cancer he tells you his secrets for fighting adversity and self-motivation, he leaves his audience empowered, inspired and wanting more, especially if there is a piano on stage!!!

Having the Courage to Fail:
Dealing with failure, over coming your fear of failure and learning from your failures.
3 hardest things for people to say: I’m sorry, I was wrong, I need your help.

Always Be Moving Forward:
Looking at problem solving in a logistic way. Not over thinking and not over reacting. Feeling the pain and doing it anyway. You do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.

Leadership by Example:
Do you lead by example, Gaining trust from those around you. Walking the walk and talking the talk.

Interpersonal Skills 101:
If you want respect, you need to show respect. Becoming a better Leader. Trust vs. performance.