Jake Havron

Inspirational Speaker & International Business Strategist

Jake transforms company’s leaders and people with getting the strategic edge in their personal lives. Imagine it being like Tony Robbins meets Tom Bilyeu, that’s the experience he brings.

Fee range:  60min Keynote: $10,000
1.5hr-3hr Keynote Experience: $15,000-$25,000
4hr-8hr Workshop Experience: Inquire for special rates
Travels from: Las Vegas, NV
Virtual: 50% of all in-person fees

From being a nurse just 5 years ago to now being a widely accredited business strategist & keynote speaker, Jake is creating raving fans of the people and audiences he works with. Jake has been featured in New York Weekly, NBC, ABC, Silicon Investor, and many more news outlets for his work he’s done. Organizations such as GoBundance, 180 Elevate, MentorBox, and Real Estate teams doing $300M-$1.6B a year also have brought Jake in to help their people get the strategic edge in their profession & life.

Companies and Organizations trust to have Jake on stage alongside legends such as Brian Tracy “Personal Development Legend”, Mark Victor Hanson who co-authored Chicken Soup For The Soul, Mark Herjavec from Shark Tank, and Dave Asprey “The Father of Biohacking”, and more because they know his presence and content is truly one of a kind.

According to Jake, he believes there is just way too much noise in the world of business and personal development. It’s a great thing to have all of this information at our fingertips however we are drowning in information and starving for applicable wisdom. This is why when Jake speaks and/or trains an audience, he makes sure every piece of information is properly delivered to resonate with who he’s speaking to. And to teach it in a way that keeps them engaged and ready to take massive action on it the moment they leave the room.

Whether it’s doing an 8-hour immersive workshop on Optimizing Influence & Sales for a group of realtors doing $300M+ in annual production, or speaking for 20 min. to help empower the mission of a non-profit organization and get the audience inspired knowing how to get the strategic edge, Jake brings a presence very few can accomplish.

Keynote: Get The Strategic Edge – Create More Success and Fulfillment Right Away With The Strategic Edge Triad

The Edge Every Person Wants To Achieve
The best companies and organizations in the world may have great leaders and products or services, but they truly are the best because each person in the company knows how to be the best version of themselves. Which in turn, leads to more performance and efficiency output.

Through this engaging and interactive keynote, Jake will share how to take the next step from great to extraordinary by getting the strategic edge. The key word here is “strategic” as this keynote is not about theory, but applicable action tailored to your company.

Jake will captivate your people with engaging stories and real-world examples so that they can better understand the tools and strategies being taught.

Throughout the keynote, he exhibits the exact strategies some of his private clients who currently run 9 figure companies with 600+ employees, to Real Estate teams of 350+ agents doing $1.6 Billion in annual production use these every day to get the strategic edge. Yet he translates it in a way that your audience can resonate with it and apply into their current lives.

By the end of this interactive keynote, your audience will have unlocked a whole new level of success and fulfillment just about instantaneously since the content can be implemented right away. They will have the tools and confidence to know exactly their purpose and what’s their unique capability, know how to break down a big goal and take MASSIVE ACTION today, and become more resourceful through reframing challenges they face and instead find it as an opportunity to overcome.

After this training, you can expect:

  • Increased sales production and customer engagement
  • Decreased attrition of people in your company due to feelings of higher satisfaction
  • Decreased time lost in project rollouts through optimized leadership and communication
  • More optimized leaders in your organization because of them being well equipped with the mindset and strategies

Workshop Experience: Optimizing Influence & Sales – The Foundational Standard of Becoming A More Influential Human Both In Business and In Life

The Foundational Blueprint of Human Influence
As long as you have the best written script, some basic sales training, and practice, your sales success should be good right? Not even close. Unfortunately, many companies fall into a plateau of sales and growth because their sales team and leaders are not FULLY trained in how to truly influence other humans.

With the personal success Jake has built in sales with his own company but alongside learning and implementing the teachings of Tony Robbins, Chris Voss, Zig Ziglar, Jordan Belfort, and so many more who train on sales and influence, Jake has created the foundational blueprint of human influence for your team to experience.

Throughout the workshop, expect for your people to have “Aha! Moments” as they now understand WHY they are so good at what they do but never knew what exactly made it that way. This then leads to them being more intentional with what they’re great at but also improving the problem areas such as HANDLING OBJECTIONS and dealing with CALL RELUCTANCE.

Jake goes into detail on understanding how to master skills, the science and psychology of persuasion, 10 step process to sales mastery, and so much more in detail.

Most companies get concerned about having their team in a room for multiple hours as they feel like their people lose attention and get bored. However, expect to have Jake keeping your people engaged the entire time with interactive experiences, breakout group sessions, and engaging stories.

After this workshop experience, your people will not just feel like they know exactly how to better influence humans and improve their sales performance, but they will already have it integrated into their life as Jake makes sure they APPLY it within the workshop.

Key Areas Covered:
1. Understanding How To Master Skills
2. Science & Psychology of Persuasion & Influence
3. 10 Step Process To Sales Mastery
4. Mastering Objections
5. Integration Of Influence Into Daily Lifestyle
and so much more in detail…

After this training, you can expect:

  • Significant increase in revenue generated through more deals closed and/or products sold
  • Increased levels of team satisfaction with an OPTIMIZED perception of “Selling”
  • Decreased communication errors and complications because leadership team will be equipped to better influence

Optimize Your Life – Create A Crystal Clear Vivid Vision and Unlock The Genius Within

Become The Next Level YOU!
When was the last time your team and/or organization have deeply worked on their personal lives outside of listening to a podcast here and there? Optimize Your Life is made to dig deep with your people to have one MAIN outcome..unlocking the genius within them.

They will have a new fire blazing within them due to unveiling their purpose statement, getting crystal clear on their vivid vision, and by reverse engineering their goals so the once before impossible, becomes possible.

Experience Jake taking your people through interactive experiences that have them laughing, inspired, and “Aha! Moments” going off in their head as they learn things that connect the dots for their success.

Jake will be providing each individual the tools and strategies to understand the core patterns and principles of why they think a certain way and how to change it. They will feel a bigger calling within their role in the organization as they feel empowered and well-equipped to be a leader.

By the end of this workshop experience, you will be able to radically see the shift in the physiology, the words being said, and the overall energy output of your people. They will not just have this shift in the short-term, but for months onward because Jake makes sure he creates a lasting change in them by applying the tools and strategies into their real-world situations.

Key Areas Covered:
1. Understanding 4 Stage Process of WHY We Think a Certain Way
2. Creating/Identifying Your Mission Statement
3. Creating a Vivid Vision
4. How to Reverse Engineer and Identify Potential Bottlenecks
5. Peak Performance Hacks
6. Strategic Ways To Become More Resourceful
and many more in detail..

After this training, you can expect:

  • Your people understand the core patterns and principles on why they think and behave a certain way and know how to change it.
  • Your people to unlock a new-found passion within them as they are crystal clear on the vision in front of them
  • Your people to feel a bigger calling with their role in the organization as they feel empowered and well-equipped to be a leader