Kitty McKay

Ringing with hope and optimism, ‘Breathing in Bold’ feels like a personal invitation to rise above the crass negativity and anxiety of today’s culture. ~ Candelora Versace

Fee range:  $2,500-$5,000
Travels from: Reno, NV

Kitty McKay’s compelling triumph through tragedy, wisdom learned from the East and award-winning methods for elevating corporate cultures inspire and support her audiences long after their time together. With a pioneer’s heart, her passion for pushing beyond limits has woven a 30 year career that encompasses a decade in global trade, ten years as co-creator of a regional restaurant enterprise and her current career in healthcare, since 2009. While Kitty’s breadth of business acumen stands out, it is the sudden loss of her husband and her subsequent trial-by-fire journey (thrust into operating their business alone and raising their children, ages two and seven, without their daddy) that unlocked her understanding of the core within each of us that can be developed into a mightier version of ourselves—the one we are born to embody.

As a speaker, mentor and transformation navigator, Kitty helps people identify and connect to their own meaningFULL life. She shares simple takeaways that hardwire lasting growth, both in business and in one’s personal life. The essence of Kitty’s universal theme is featured as a TEDx Talk: Your Individual Power to Heal and she is a beloved  keynote speaker with groups seeking women’s empowerment, staff development, employee engagement, enhanced customer experience and many, many others…

While Kitty moves hearts of all ages, from all walks of life, fostering human connection throughout the medical care continuum, and rekindling hope in the hearts of burnt out clinicians is her super power. Thanks to years living overseas and now her time serving as Director of the Care Experience for a regional healthcare system near Lake Tahoe, she speaks three languages fluently: Japanese, English and “Clinician”. In addition to her written work being featured in numerous healthcare industry journals, she has authored two books: Breathing in Bold, an inspirational fable about navigating the fear and anxiety permeating modern society and What if I Die Today?, a companion guide for living life, in each moment.

From Hero to Healer: Advancing the Clinical “Care” Paradigm


Lessons from Japan for Dissolving Resistance, Achieving Lasting Improvement


Reclaim Your Calling: Surfing the Struggle at the Crossroads of Life and Death


Fierce Connection: The Daring You Need to Engage, Inspire & Retain Staff


When the Fairytale Falls Short: Connecting to Your Happily Ever After


Holy Sh*t: Uncovering Your Best from the Worst


Zen Up: How to Rock Life When it’s Rocking You


What if I Die Today? Living On Purpose (PS: Life is Short)


Custom-Designed Talks: Kitty’s Core Messages Crafted to Serve Your Unique Needs