Madison Alexander

Trade Show Presenter, On-Air Host and Live Event Emcee

Madison Alexander is a Master of Ceremonies that has emceed live events for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, IBM, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barclaycard, Hublot and many companies and non-profits.

Hi there! I’m a full-time Trade Show Presenter, On-Air Host and Live Event Emcee with a large body of work appearing on TV, Film, Print and on the web. For over a decade I’ve presented at Trade Shows all over the world and helped my clients find success. I give presentations for companies and audiences of all sizes, from Fortune 100 giants to Startup hopefuls.

I immerse myself into my client’s products and industries and I excel at connecting my client’s message directly into the hearts and minds of who watch. I have a strong sales background and I pride myself in my ability to adapt to any industry. My goal is to appear as a charismatic, tangible extension of my client’s brand.

I have an uncanny knack for appearing as a credible insider; I speak the lingo of Enterprise. I breathe life into dry topics. My passion is to engage and connect to audiences on a human level, a passion I will follow for as long as I live.

I’m an expert at utilizing teleprompter, ear-prompter, memorization, improvisation and humor to deliver natural sounding, credible presentations. I can learn ANY script. I have years of experience engaging audiences in, IT, Cyber Security, Consumer Electronics, Health Care, Construction, Automotive, Finance, Marketing, + more.

I previously owned and operated a commercial photography business and I spend my free time traveling, volunteering and seeking adventure + knowledge. I believe we have a responsibility as humans to be relevant, so I like to stay current on a multitude of various topics.

I’ve engaged over 10,000+ individual audiences during my career! I’m professional, reliable and highly experienced. I will be an added asset to your team; let’s have an awesome show!