Marvelless Mark

Experiential Rock Star Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Mark combines his entertainment experience from being a Las Vegas Headliner, with high content, a high level of engagement to create events that become memorable experiences.

Fee range:  $15,000 plus travel and $5.50 for pair of branded sticks.
Travels from: Las Vegas, NV
Virtual: $12,500

His name says it all…say it out loud and it is “MARVELOUS”! If you want to energize, engage and empower your audience to develop a rock star mindset and 10X their level of performance, then let Mark Kamp show you how to do just that. Mark has spent years enmeshed in studying the business principles of the greatest rock bands of our time. His research combined with business acumen learned from the Las Vegas Strip has given him a unique perspective on the business principles of successful entertainment franchises and how those principles can be applied to all businesses.

Mark makes your meeting, conference, or convention a combination of rock concert excitement and life-changing lessons. He incorporates unique and valuable business examples from favorite rock stars with a cutting-edge Vegasquality showmanship for an experience that engages, entertains, and inspires action.

Audiences are active participants in Mark’s keynote through interactive drumming activities that demonstrate what Mark refers to as “rhythms” in business, through participation audiences develop emotional connections to the content, and unleash their own personal rock star momentum.

Mark is CEO of Millennia Productions, Best Selling Author, and World-Class Keynote Speaker. He understands every aspect of business and business improvement. He guarantees your participants will be inspired to create their own framework for rock star results and be prepared to take immediate action to overcome any challenge.

Mark’s content has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, E-News, and HBO Max.

And to keep the learnings top of mind, each participant will head home with their very own conference-branded drumsticks, adding a continuing emotional connection to the message. It is the very definition of ROI.

Opportunity ROCKS! Rhythms In Business 3.0. This Ted Talk style high energy, highly interactive presentation puts branded drumsticks in the hands of all of your attendees. Customized with your creative content to create a drumming experience of team work, camaraderie, building confidence and getting a lot of people to focus on the same thing at the same time.

Create a vision that ignites rock star passion in your team.

Develop strong leaders who catalyze rock star productivity in your employee. Discover how to develop a rock star mindset that challenges the status quo and creates change. Team members will understand their unique part in your “band” and how they can better harmonize together.

  • Learn to use Mark’s 3 Keys to Rock Teamwork
  • Discover how to thrive in times of change
  • Utilize best practices of winning, successful teams
  • Develop a team that works together as seamlessly as your favorite band
  • Utilize the power of a positive rock star attitude
  • Learn the formula to take daily massive action