True Colors

True Colors is a global consulting and training group with a proven model for maximizing organizational performance through better people performance

Fee range:  $7,500 to $18,500 (depending on number of participants.) We can do an hour keynote show to a 3-hour Teambuilding event to a fully customized conference package with cocktail minglers with the actors and more! *Participant materials (introductions to True Colors w/4 cards, stickers) customization (we work with client to customize script content).
Travels from: Los Angeles, CA. Expenses are not included.

True Colors is a global consulting and training group with a proven model for maximizing organizational performance through better people performance. For more than 40 years, True Colors has helped millions of people find personal success and dramatically improve their inter-personal relationships. Our user-friendly temperament and personality assessment program has helped people of all ages understand and recognize differences that lead to miscommunication and conflict. The True Colors system is built upon a teaching model of personality identification that recognizes and celebrates people’s true character, and translates complex temperament theory into practical information and actionable programs. We use colors — Orange, Gold, Green and Blue — to differentiate the four central primary personality types. These colors lay the foundation of True Colors’ fun and insightful personality-identification system.

What Does True Colors Do?
We teach people and organizations how to identify and recognize different personalities, and better understand themselves and others. By embracing each individual’s personality type and valuing their differences, teams can significantly improve communication and ultimately, performance.

Who Uses True Colors?
The True Colors methodology has been used globally for over 40 years by corporations, non-profits, education, government and military institutions. Our clients include many of the most respected Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Google, Ford, and many others. Our methodology has also been seamlessly applied to smaller companies, individuals, and in family settings.

Is Your Talent Thriving?
The best HR professionals and managers know that high-performing talent is their organization’s most valued asset. While finding and keeping the best people can be difficult, keeping employees engaged, motivated and feeling valued, remains among HR’s most pressing challenges.

One of the biggest barriers to employees thriving at work is their ability to independently navigate personnel issues. In fact, research shows that almost 60-80% of all difficulties within organizations stem from strained relationships between employees.

At True Colors, we believe effective communication is the key to healthy employee relationships. Effective communication requires understanding personal biases, active listening, and tailoring the delivery of messages to each situation. Investing in your organization’s communication skills positively impacts engagement, productivity, turnover, and performance. True Colors teaches entire organizations how to communicate more effectively and how to apply these techniques for maximum impact. And we do it cost-effectively and quickly.

Teambuilding, Social Styles, Sales, Holiday Events, Customer Service, Motivation, Communication.